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4 Operations and Customer Care Processes You Can Improve TODAY with Customer Experience Management


A Q&A with Philippe Leon – Director Operations Support Systems for HP.Philippe Leon - OSS Director, HP



Philippe you are seeing tremendous interest in Customer Experience Management from our OSS customers today – what exactly is CEM?


In the OSS/CRM area Customer Experience Management is about two main objectives:  prioritizing actions in operations to maximize efficiency and quality of experience for customers and giving customer care a window into the real-time network and services to resolve customer issues.


Our HP Customer Experience Assurance solution is deployed today for both use cases.



Who in the communications service provider or mobile operator is looking at Customer Experience Management?


We are often talking to the network and operations group as well as customer care.  But overall CEM fits with the CTO’s current push for better use of the company’s data, so we are also working closely with the CTO.



How does this differ from Big Data and Analytics investments that many Telcos are making?


This is a great question, since there is some confusion in the industry on this point.  And there is definitive conclusion today.


Our Customer Experience Management solution, called HP Customer Experience Assurance, is  actually doing real time network analytics on a huge volume of individual subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) data.   This can be seen as just one use case of Big Data Analytics, which scope is much broader.  However the magic one-fits-all solution comprising all key telecom big data cases does not exist yet.


Instead, we see in the Telecom Industry a trend to separate the IT-led end to end BIG DATA business analytics  initiatives, from the Network-led  real time network analytics applications like CEM.   The two types of solutions co exist and cooperate.


For exemple, in Telefonica our HP CEA solution is used for collecting and processing QOE indicators on the network . While its prime role is handling OSS and CRM use cases,   it is also used to feed  separate ‘big data analytics platforms’ which run business analytics program in IT for the sales and marketing applications, as well as PCRF applications.



So what are the scenarios that require a CEM solution?


CEM is really about putting the customer in the heart of the operations environment.  CEM is essential so that operations can grapple with these questions or scenarios:


1)      How can operations prioritize repair actions based on impacted customers?  


2)      How can operations be informed about service-impacting problems, currently affecting customers, to take action? 


3)      How can network engineering take into account individual customer usage in network planning, planned outage and optimization? 


For customer care it is about delivering better customer service for customers with network and service problems.   In particular:


4)      How can Call center personal be empowered so they drill down for a real time view of the network and service behaviour for each customer?   Can they have the tools so they can respond immediately and often solve the customer’s concern in the first call?


CEM, and specifically the HP Customer Experience Assurance solution is the answer to these questions.



Do Big Data and CEM require different technical solutions?


Maybe not in the future as I said earlier, but today yes.   The CEM case requires a direct network-connected solution, focused on telecom network interfaces and data and with extreme throughput.  Our customers today are asking us to handle over 30 billion events a day, and with the ability to have immediate access to this data. 


So it is timeliness, network connectivity, and pre-defined CEM analytics, versus the volume, velocity and variety of the big data solution.    Of course we also have a robust big data offer - our HP Telecom Big Data and Analytics solution to address the big data use cases and HP CEA integrates with that to provide real time network and service data.



Where is HP seeing the most interest?


In less than a year we’ve sold 10’s of projects on three continents, with mobile operators being the main initial use case.  With competition intensifying all operators are looking at quality of experience as an important factor in customer loyalty.    Equally important, however, are efficient call center and operations processes – both of which benefit from the “window on the customer” that is provided by HP Customer Experience Assurance.



What customers can you talk about?


We have sold HP CEA in many customers, but one customer that is particularly happy with what we have done for them is Telefonica – check out the Telefonica's Cayetano Carbajo - Technology and Planning Director on HP CEA.

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