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60+ telecom experts to share industry insights at MWC 2017




 It is that time again, when the telecommunications industry converges on Barcelona in search of the latest technology and solutions, industry insights, and business opportunities. As Mobile World Congress (MWC) gathers the industry to Barcelona, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has built a platform that enables the ecosystem to share industry insights that will accelerate the telco industry’s digital transformation and preparation for the speed and scale of billions. This platform, called the MWC Discussion Zone, is an intimate and interactive area where the organizations who are leading these transformation efforts will share their thought leadership with the broader market.


The MWC Discussion Zone, located in the HPE booth (3E11, Hall 3), is gathering experts from throughout the industry (including HPE partners, analysts, standards organizations, CSPs, and more) to share insights into trends, advancements, challenges and strategies relating to the industry’s hottest topics. Over three days (February 27 – March 1), the MWC Discussion Zone will act as the ecosystem hub for industry insights, hosting 30+ live sessions with 60+ executive speakers.


The MWC Discussion Zone will address the latest findings in the telecom industry’s four hottest topics: Digital Service Provider Journey, Internet of Things (IoT), Transformation, and 5G. The full agenda is now on the HPE Mobile World Congress website, but you can also get a sneak peek at the upcoming sessions below.



Digital Service Provider (DSP) Journey Track: The DSP Journey Track includes sessions that focus on the strategy behind how Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are transforming their networks and operations to be able to provide personalized digital services. The sessions in this track include:


Defining Carrier Grade multi-VIM strategy and its advantages for NFV

Produced by: HPE

NFV economics of migration in a multi-vendor environment

Produced by: ACG Research

Driving the cultural change required for Transformation: HPE & Facebook discuss                        
TIP People & Process Project          

Produced by: Facebook

Managing and monetizing content in a multiscreen world

Produced by: Imagine Communications

DevOps to the rescue for your network and digital services

Produced by: HPE

Accelerating digital network transformation for CSPs

Produced by: Accenture

Expanding cloud networks beyond geographical site boundaries

Produced by: HPE

Carrier Grade vCPE: Making it real

Produced by: RAD

OSS for digital services: From evolution to revolution

Produced by: HPE

Telco growth strategies: Which will remain viable?

Produced by: STL Partners

Fast-track time to market with video transformation

Produced by: HPE



 Internet of Things (IoT) in Action Track: The IoT in Action Track will share insights into how the billions of newly connected devices are impacting carrier networks and what opportunities this new frontier poses for Communications Service Providers. The sessions in this track include:


Transforming smart into genius

Produced by: Intracom Telecom

The real value of cellular IoT              

Produced by: Telecom TV

IoT: From hype to opportunity        

Produced by: Identidad Telecom

Connected planes, trains, and automobiles                                                                                          

Produced by: HPE



Transformation Track: The Transformation Track will not only address the technological transformation taking place in networks today, but also the operational and organizational transformations, as well. The sessions in this track include:


CSP Support Services: A transformation enabler

Produced by: HPE

DevOps approach to service lifecycle test and assurance: Augmenting OSS with active                 
testing and automation

Produced by: Netrounds

NFV infrastructure evolution using malleable workload defined hardware

Produced by: Intel

The Internet of Talk: Strategies to monetize VoLTE

Produced by: Metaswitch

Service-Aware Anomaly Detection - The mandatory insurance for smooth operational
migration to NFV/SDN

Produced by: imVision Technologies

The journey towards Cloud Native network functions

Produced by: Affirmed Networks

Transformation and Collision Theory: Applying the science to service provider evolution

Produced by: Telecom TV

CSPs: The new mobile security trailblazers

Produced by: CommuniTake



Reality of 5G Track: The Reality of 5G Track explores the impact of 5G on the industry and the network and how the industry is preparing for this change. The sessions in this track include:


The importance of standards in the development of 5G

Produced by: Telecom TV

Complete RAN virtualization: The foundation for open mobile edge clouds, 5G and beyond          

Produced by: ASOCS Networks

4G/5G increases security and performance problems for mobile backhaul

Produced by: 6WIND

Realizing the intelligence of the network edge

Produced by: Telecom TV

Is 5G driving network virtualization?

Produced by: Award Solutions

The new open source-based 5G network: How telcos will reinvent network management

Produced by: Linux Foundation

Building a bridge to 5G from the mobile edge

Produced by: Vasona Networks

The journey from 5G-ready to pre-5G deployment

Produced by: Telecom TV



Keep up with all of the HPE Mobile World Congress activities at the HPE MWC Website or follow us at @HPE_CSP and @HPE_NFV.


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