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Accelerating Mobile Connect with Digital Persona



As the smart-phone based economy reaches ubiquity, major concerns and challenges to do with personal identity remain. How can we know if an end-user is really the person he/she claims to be? This issue has widespread, practical implications:

  • How can we ensure proper access to highly personal information?
  • How do we ensure the legal and financial integrity of contractual commitments?


While partial solutions are available to address this issue, most are limited to proprietary processing of in-person identification - which are costly, cumbersome to manage, and inconvenient for the end-user.

With HPE’s Digital Persona management, CSPs can act as identity brokers by facilitating on-line personal interactions using Subscriber Data Management, Authentication, Entitlement, Predictive Analytics and Targeting, as well as Charging and Policy Control (PCC) to ensure users are who they claim to be.

We are pleased to share that HPE has been recognized as a Mobile Connect Accelerator (MCX) by GSMA and one of the few vendors whose mobile identity solutions can easily integrate with CSP networks. With HPE Mobile Connect, CSPs can implement a secure universal log-in solution that matches the user to their mobile phone. The result? Users can quickly log into any application without the need to remember long lists of user names and passwords. It’s safe, secure - and no personal information is shared without user permission.

Furthermore, HPE is helping CSPs build modern client relationships with customers via HPE Digital Persona by providing them the tools to gain valuable customer insights: Who is your customer? What services do they value? Where are they? When are they active? Why are they happy or unhappy? Is there online presence secure or protected? HPE’s Digital persona helps operators move beyond connectivity to provide customers with valued services at the right time and in the right place – leveraging a data analytics framework that paints a complete picture of individual subscriber wants and needs.

Want to learn more? Check out our Digital Persona infographic to see how HPE Digital Personal solutions can help consumers control their online presence across platforms and services.

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