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Accelerating Network Programmability at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress



We are taking HPE to SDN & OpenFlow World Congress! Join us October 10th-14th at the World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands, to learn how HPE is helping CSPs on their journey to become Digital Service Providers by enabling their networks to be more agile and efficient with our SDN, NFV and OSS portfolio.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise believes that the agility that NFV promises can only be fully realized when we harness the power of programmability and automation of SDN and the efficiency of a hybrid-enabled OSS. At SDN & OpenFlow World Congress, we will showcase the progress we have made in leveraging SDN and NFV to create compelling, practical use cases for CSPs. We invite you to attend our panel discussions, keynote forums, and stop by our booths #89, #90, and #91 to learn more about our unique NFV offerings, and our partner program.


NFV & SDN - the bigger picture: Laying the foundation for 5G & IoT - Prodip Sen CTO, NFV & Communications Solutions Business at HPE Tuesday, October 11; 9:30 AM: World Forum Theater

SDN and NFV adoption, as leading components of the CSP infrastructure and operations transformation, now has a clear objective – ensuring that the network is ready for IoT and 5G.    In this session, HPE will talk about how SDN and NFV are laying the foundation for a hyper-connected, 5G-enabled world.  The speaker will cover technology, operations and business views of how SDN & NFV are marching forward towards a common objective.


Boosting Performance of OpenStack with OpenDayLight- Noah Williams, SDN/NFV Solution Architect at HPE Tuesday, October 11; 4:20 PM; Room: World Forum Theater

How much choice do operators need in MANO approaches and tools, or is a MANO monoculture sufficient? - Prodip Sen CTO, NFV & Communications Solutions Business at HPE Tuesday, October 11; 5:20 PM; Amazon Room

SD-WAN and vCPE service applications are being commercially deployed now, what are the next priority use-cases Tuesday, October 11; 5:20 PM; Mississippi Room


Andreas Hegers | Head of Corporate & Portfolio Marketing | ECI

Ihab Mahna | Solutions Architect | EXFO

Kevin Wade | Sr. Director and Product Marketing Team Leader, Blue Planet | Ciena

Sanjeev Mervana | Sr. Director Marketing, Service Provider Business | Cisco

Bala Thekkedath | Director of Marketing, Telecommunications | HPE


Intel Network Builders Event -Telco Cloud Panel - Prodip Sen CTO, NFV & Communications Solutions Business at HPE Monday, October 10; 3:30PM – 4:20PM

With adoption of NFV maturing and an industry eye being cast towards 5G along with the opportunities and challenges that 5G brings, some CommsSP are now looking to Telco Cloud as the basis by which they can take advantage of the optimized and agile network deployments that have been transforming and create a service led telco strategy. They recognize that enterprise cloud adoption is accelerating however, their new service offerings and levels of cloud maturity are lagging the enterprise. There is a lack of a service creation culture and a reliance on outsources solutions. They see that Telco Cloud service offerings must evolve faster than enterprise in order to keep our customers in sight. Join us for a panel discussion where we will delve into this problem statement, explore the ideal end state of a ‘service led’ telco strategy and debate the key differentiators that can set a CommsSP apart from its competition.



Carrier Grade Open Source NFV & SDN

Open source OpenDaylight federation is used to extend OpenStack networks across multiple OpenStack instances.  A Federation Manager provisions the multi-site networking configuration and policy definitions in the OpenDaylight controllers. Multi-site OpenStack connectivity is achieved with mesh VxLAN tunneling between ODL-controlled OVS-DPDK switches. The demo shows 2 HCG instances with their respective networks. In the demo we use the Federation Manager to provision shared networks across sites. Once a shared network is provisioned, we demonstrate ping and traffic between VMs across sites.

Better VIM with Helion OpenStack Carrier

Want to run VNFs on a carrier scale, highly reliable and high-performance platform and benefit from the openness and developer community of open source?  With HPE Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade and HPE Carrier SDN as your Virtual Infrastructure Management for compute and network, get all this and more, including extensions and choice of pre-integrated applications for NFV and based on OpenStack and OpenDaylight.   This use case shows how using this VIM on the mobile GI-LAN interface dramatically improves agility.

Automate the Validation & Performance Characterization of your VNFs

This demo provides an overview of the HPE OpenNFV VNF Onboarding process that includes Wizard based tool to enable onboarding and lifecycle management of VNFs for validation on HPE OpenNFV platform.

  • A way for VNF vendors to define the requirements for their VNFs and generate VNF descriptors (OpenStack Heat, TOSCA, HPE NFV Director)
  • A workflow to automate the VNF image transfer
  • A reusable artifact repository to accelerate field deployment of validated VNFs

This demo also includes an overview of VITAL – a VNF performance characterization framework, that provides an easy way to characterize VNFs based on user preferences and available resources to determine optimal configurations under different workloads.


CTC/ Intel / HPE Bench Marking

VNF Performance Characterization at CTC Beijing NFV Lab with Intel and HPE: China Telecom Corporation would like to be able to fully benchmark, test and ultimately implement virtualized applications in their network. Intel and HPE alongside CTC, are working with VNFs from multiple vendors to realize this vision using an HPE developed methodology/tools and are pleased to share the progress with SDN OpenFlow Congress visitors.


NFV System 1.3

HPE NFV System - a Simple Carrier Grade Production-ready NFV platform: Many Communications Service Providers and their suppliers have been testing NFV technology and porting solutions and are ready to move to production. To do this CSPs and VNF suppliers need carrier readiness, but with simplicity, openness and deployment-proven solutions.

With this virtual rack demo you can interact with HPE NFV System, which provides an integrated, pre-tested, deployment-ready NFV hardware and software platform with Virtual Infrastructure Management; simple to order and grow.


OSS for NFV Management

OSS for NFV Management: See the new HPE Service Director solution in action! Learn about the latest HPE R&D innovations in service modeling and HPE's global approach to service operations that drive service agility in hybrid physical and virtualized environments. Learn about key NFV management and orchestration use cases featuring the HPE NFV Director solution.


Digital Service Provider Transformation:

The communication service provider’s transformation journey: To compete in a rapidly evolving market, communications service providers (CSPs) are transforming into digital service providers. Leveraging the telco cloud, which includes programmable infrastructure, automated operations and on-demand services, CSPs will create and deploy services more quickly, pursue new markets, and forge relationships with over-the-top content providers. Visit this interactive demo to learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise accelerates the journey to these flexible networks.        

Special Events

Analyst Led Interactive Roundtable Breakfast Wednesday, October 11; 7:30 - 9:00 AM; South America Meeting Room  RSVP Here

HPE & Intel Customer and Partner Panel Event with Cocktail Reception Wednesday, October 12; 6:00 - 11:00 PM; Louwman Museum RSVP Here


Follow us at SDN & OpenFlow World Congress at @HPE_NFV. We look forward to seeing you there!


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