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Accelerating service agility at Mobile World Congress




This week at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is demonstrating how to accelerate service agility for communications service providers. With announcements on a new application performance monitoring module and customer wins applying open standards to the network, HPE is helping to transform communications so that you can go further, faster. Here’s what was announced at the event.


Taking application delivery to the next level

Attendees at Mobile World Congress are getting the first look at HPE AppPulse Trace, a new module in HPE's Application Performance Monitoring (APM) software suite. AppPulse Trace allows developers to leverage application analytics to pinpoint and fix issues at their source, down to the exact server and line of code.


This new module works with the existing capabilities of the HPE AppPulse Suite to better deliver high-performing applications that exceed customer expectations. AppPulse Trace features powerful new capabilities including:


  • Tracing exact lines of code: Allows you to gain extensive insight into the user experience, including user actions, flows, error messages, client code, and device state by drilling down to the exact line of code.
  • 1:1 Server Correlation: Connects issues from the user experience and user actions with server-side problems. This helps to lower costs by shorter triage and fix times in the data center.
  • Codeless/Tagless instrumentation: Automatically adapts to rapid changes of the app and infrastructure.


To read more details on HPE AppPulse Trace and how it fits into the AppPulse Suite, read the full press release: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Turbocharges Application Delivery with New Analytics Suite.


If you’re attending Mobile World Congress, don’t miss this opportunity to see in person how HPE is innovating application performance management. See HPE AppPulse Trace in action at our App Planet installation, booth D14, hall 8.1. See other HPE demos at booth A20, hall 3 as well as our HPE OpenNFV Partners Showcase at booth 5F31, hall 5.


HPE helping Telecom Personal transform to the core

Argentina’s Telecom Personal is bringing its customers into the 4G/LTE era. With HPE’s help, the company is expanding and upgrading part of its network core to better meet customer demands for higher network speeds and capacity.


HPE is taking a unique approach to Telecom Personal’s network transformation by building a core network architecture that features open standard interfaces. This will enable the communications service provider more flexibility to evolve its subscriber data management (SDM). With a network agnostic core architecture, Telecom Personal will be able to select whichever third-party network solutions best meet its current and future needs—without being tied down by traditional vendor lock-in.


Specifically, HPE will provide Telecom Personal with a complete network core solution that includes the following network functions:

  • Policy and charging rules function (PCRF)—Determines network configuration and charging definitions in real-time per specific subscriber, service and delivery situation
  • Home subscriber system (HSS) / Home location register (HLR)—Delivers subscriber profiles for performing authentication and authorization of users and availing subscriber aware services
  • User data repository (UDR)—Provides network agnostic, centralized management of subscriber information using open standards 


To learn more about Telecom Personal’s network core transformation, read the full press release: Telecom Personal Selects Hewlett Packard Enterprise to Transform Its Network.


Swisscom goes from Now to Next with HPE

Swisscom is taking the plunge into the Telco Cloud. The company will be one of the first in the world to use Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to offer virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE) to its business customers. This transformation will allow Swisscom to manage its customers' network infrastructure from a centralized location, providing on-demand networking services.


Freed from traditional on-premise appliance deployments, Swisscom business customers can expect faster service deployments and higher service availability, along with lower costs. And the new vCPE model also enables Swisscom to quickly deliver future value-added services to its customers.


Swisscom’s solution will combine multiple HPE technologies and services to build out its Telco Cloud, including:


Read the full press release for more details on Swisscom’s journey to the Telco Cloud: Hewlett Packard Enterprise Virtualizes Network Functions for Swisscom


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