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An NFV Industry First: HPE, China Telecom & Intel jointly demonstrate VNF benchmarking




NFV and SDN technologies were in great demand at recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2016.  NFV and SDN are widely viewed as critical, center-piece technologies for supporting the CSP transformation from legacy networks to upcoming 5G networks.  At the show, HPE, China Telecom and Intel, together presented automated NFVI and VNF performance benchmarking and characterization carried out at the HPE-China Telecom Beijing Research Institute (CTBRI) joint NFV Lab.  Such a framework is an Industry first solution and was demonstrated as a case-study on a Brocade virtual Services Router (vSR).

CSP’s have emphasized lack of performance characterization tools as one of the biggest hurdles in NFV adoption. Based on an award winning approach, called NFV-VITAL(Virtualization Impact on Throughput and Load), pioneered by Hewlett Packard Labs, HPE has developed a framework for characterizing the impact of hardware and virtualization options on the virtual network function (VNF) performance for the corresponding workload. CSP’s can leverage this framework  to address several of their NFV deployment concerns. It enables one to identify performance bottlenecks and help tune VNF performance, determine VNF performance for given configuration and also recommend optimized configuration for required performance/capacity. In the case of the Brocade vSR study, it is demonstrated how some of the key KPIs including jitter and latency perform as a function of varying workload traffic patterns such as packet size and throughput. The study also revealed some interesting takeaways like scale-out is better than scale-up or non-linear capacity improvements; providing valuable insights for performance characterization and optimization of NFVI resources.

CSPs and network function vendors  have questions around the sizing, performance and tuning of NFV infrastructure for the optimal resource usage of the various network functions and services. This joint work is an industry leading effort in the Chinese NFV market, which uses a compressive tool suite to benchmark, evaluate, characterize, and optimize independent VNFs, which is critical for systematic deployment of multi-vendor solutions in the field. Performance characterization is significant and important feature enhancement to the HPE OpenNFV Solution Portal for comprehensive on-boarding solution for VNFs.

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