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Analytics Help CSP to Monetize their TV Content Services

As online video value chain stakeholders continue investing in new video services, business models, and technology innovations, online video consumption is expected to skyrocket. This represents a challenge and an opportunity to a telecom provider.


The emergence of higher video quality, including HD, and Ultra HD (UHD) makes it a challenge to manage the increase in online traffic which is driven by video. This provides an opportunity to partner with over-the-top (OTT) video service players by providing an IP-Broadband network which in addition to promote own internet protocol television (IPTV) services. This would allow for a larger share of the value chain, CSPs can drive personailzation based on a keen and intimate understanding of their subscriber base giving it a strategic asset. CSPs will be able to provide context-sensetive and service aware personalization information in real time to the OTT player.


We recognize four main monetization strategies that are most relevant to Content Delivery Network (CDN) for TV services:

  • Targeted ad insertion
  • Tailored customer experience
  • Video programming content upselling
  • Viewer consumption categorization data

Let talks about some of the services.


Targeted Ad Insertion

Advertisements that are booked on cable TV tend to be booked early depending on the audience or the broadcasting program. If you could provide a more direct advertisement to the audience would mean a high success rate for marketing.


Tailored Customer Experience

By knowing about the browsing history and their watched content, we are able to provide a more direct recommendation to what they might like to watch next. This will increase the chances of them accepting the suggestion. This can be combined with other contextual data in real time to drive tailored customer expereince.


You can read about the rest at 4AA4-6649ENW.


To learn more about how having awareness of the subscriber increase the revenue and help upselling please visit us at


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