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Arno OPNFV Arrives to Simplify and Speed NFV Development


Author: Prodip Sen CTO, HP Network Functions Virtualization


In case you missed it, NFV development recently passed a major milestone when Arno, the first release of OPNFV, became available to developers worldwide. An open source development platform targeted at the telecom space, Arno is an essential tool for developers focused on building a flexible NFV framework by integrating components from upstream projects such as OpenDaylight, OpenStack, Open vSwitch, Ceph and KVM.


Available now at no cost and open to all, Arno has arno.pngbeen specifically designed for developers exploring NFV for proofs-of-concept, developing VNF applications, or conducting performance- or use case-based testing. By providing a baseline foundation for the continuous integration, automated deployment, and testing of the components necessary to build an NFV platform from upstream projects, Arno will simplify integration and significantly accelerate the time to market for NFV solutions. The release also ensures that platforms will meet industry requirements and enable end user choice in specific technology components based on their use cases and deployment architectures.


A Straight and Simple Path


A consolidation of several disparate software initiatives, presented in a public and open form, Arno provides an initial build of the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) as well as the Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) components of the ETSI NFV architecture. The release allows both developers and users to automatically install and explore the OPNFV platform—from basic testing to deploying and evaluating their choice of Virtual Network Functions (VNFs). Developers can deploy the release to one of the community test labs or use it within their own environment. Arno is also hardware agnostic, and does not mandate any specific hardware architecture.


Designed to cut through the complexity and confusion currently surrounding NFV upstream development, Arno lets developers use automated build scripts to reliably integrate and build their platform, tap into an automated build and deployment tool-chain, and leverage automated, continuous integration of specific components from upstream projects. The release also offers the ability to deploy and test various VNFs and to test infrastructure in community-hosted labs.


There's More to the Story


OPNFV listened carefully to the requests of both developers and telcos, and responded by quickly creating and releasing Arno. But that's not the end of the story. Arno is just the first step in a planned series of twice-yearly OPNFV releases.


Enhancements already in the pipeline include:

  • enabling more configurability and modularity in the automated tools
  • introducing additional choice in the automated build and deployment tool-chain
  • incorporating additional or alternate upstream projects as community interest and market needs dictate

Developers can also look forward to projects that focus on features important to the NFV community, including:

  • hardware acceleration
  • fault management
  • policy management
  • High Availability
  • IPv6, and
  • enhanced resource management

Arno's launch will also help the OPNFV platform to rapidly advance and mature, since lessons learned from the initial release will be absorbed into relevant upstream communities to ensure that the platform, along with its constituent components, improve continuously and expedite the deployment of virtual network functions.


A Growing, Active Community


Arno is the creation of an OPNFV community that is already large and thriving. There are now 55 member companies invested in the OPNFV project. Over 100 talented developers from carriers, solution providers, and vendors are continuing to jointly build the foundation for a flexible open source NFV platform by integrating and testing components from upstream communities.


Only seven months after its formation, OPNFV has met one of its major goals by creating an integrated build, deployment and testing environment that accelerates NFV implementation and interoperability. With Arno, we now have a solid foundation for testing some of the key resource orchestration and network control components for NFV. The Arno release is a testament to the power of an open source collaborative model and the strength of the NFV ecosystem.


HP is committed to supporting OPNFV's principles and technologies, as well as building close and productive relationships with both traditional telco SDOs and open source communities. We hope you will join us in welcoming Arno and making open source NFV a reality.


To learn more, read the press release from OPNFV. 





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