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At HPE Discover, Telco Transformation Gets the Spotlight



At HPE Discover, Telco Transformation Gets the Spotlight

By: David Sliter, SVP & GM Communications Solutions Business, HPE

 vegas.jpgThere’s never been a more exciting time to be a Communication Service Provider (CSP). New innovations in digital services, streaming media, multi-access edge computing (MEC), and the Internet of Things (IoT) crop up seemingly every day. These new use cases are poised to transform CSP services and networks in profound ways.


At Discover 2017, HPE is bringing together industry leaders in all of these areas, and more, to share some of the amazing projects they’re working on. Here’s a brief snapshot of some of the things we’ll be talking about.


New Frontiers in the Internet of Things

The global IoT market is growing rapidly. We’re helping CSPs put in place the framework to capitalize on this massive opportunity. That includes new tools to manage IoT solutions across industries and verticals, and monetize the vast amount of data generated by connected devices. 

At Discover, we’ll be discussing:

  • How HPE solutions are helping to revolutionize agricultural operations with data-driven intelligence, even in remote locations
  • How new healthcare IoT solutions empower patients to improve their wellness and health maintenance
  • How cities of the future will put the IoT to work for citizens and governments

If you can, join me on June 7 for the session “From the Frontlines of IoT: Impacts and Opportunities.” I’ll be joined by executives from some of the world’s most innovative companies sharing their successes and challenges as they pursue new IoT business models.


The Multi-Access Edge Computing Revolution

HPE is helping CSPs transform their infrastructures to distribute more compute and storage capabilities out to the network edge. By positioning more intelligence closer to customers, they’re putting in place capabilities to deliver a wide range of high-bandwidth, context-aware services that weren’t possible before.

At Discover, we’ll be discussing:

  • How multi-access edge computing unites IT and mobility, opening up hundreds of new enterprise use cases
  • How new edge capabilities like object detection, targeted interactive digital signage, and deep learning can help CSPs extract new insights and deliver more personalized experiences
  • How CSPs are using MEC innovations from HPE and Intel to enable new applications and revenue streams that aren’t possible with cloud-only computing


Capturing New Digital Video Opportunities

Few industries are seeing as much disruption right now as media and entertainment. Broadcasters, video programming distributors, digital service providers, and other content providers are all currently evolving their networks to address a consumer landscape that looks very different from the past. Using hybrid IT technology, they’re putting in place new capabilities to lower costs, accelerate service delivery, and support new video distribution and advertising models.

At Discover, we’ll show:

  • How CSPs are using IT, edge computing, network transformation, and virtual media functions to facilitate new consumption and revenue models
  • How CSPs can use telco hybrid cloud capabilities to onboard new channels in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • How CSPs are using end-to-end open virtualized environments to lower costs, improve services, and employ real-time monitoring to deliver an exceptional subscriber experience


Powering Digital Transformation

All of these new digital use cases start with CSP transformation. We’re helping service provider customers around the globe turn their inherent strengths into competitive advantages in digital, cloud, and IoT markets. As CSPs push ahead with new IT and cloud-based infrastructures, we’re helping them put in place virtualized and programmable network platforms to capitalize on these opportunities faster, more easily, and at a lower cost.

At Discover, we’ll be sharing:

  • Strategies and best practices from industry leaders like PwC, Ericsson, Intel, and others to accelerate CSP transformation into agile digital service providers
  • How software-defined infrastructure solutions from HPE and Arista can simplify the creation and management of hybrid cloud networks, and empower CSPs to deliver secure hybrid IT solutions
  • How CSPs can use software-driven cloud networking solutions from HPE and Arista to simplify management, service provisioning, and advanced telemetry for automated network services


Seeding Tomorrow’s Innovations Today

We know that digital transformation is disrupting practically every industry. And we know that for CSPs, this transformation represents a big technical and organizational challenge—and an even bigger revenue opportunity if they can get it right.

Working with our partners across the industry, we’re bridging the worlds of telecom and IT to help CSPs compete and thrive amidst digital disruption. We’re drawing on our unparalleled experience in large-scale IT transformation projects to help our CSP customers pursue the “IT-ification” of their networks, and develop new cloud-based infrastructure and delivery models that are optimized for carrier-grade telco requirements. By helping CSPs create a Telco Cloud, we’re empowering them to drive new efficiencies, move more quickly to capture new opportunities, and bring a world of innovative new experiences to their customers.

If you’re ready to see what this looks like in practice, I hope you’ll join us at Discover. It should be an exciting and informative week.

For more information about Telco activities at Las Vegas, please review the CME Discover Show Guide.

I invite you to read about The Road to Service Provider Virtualization is a Marathon Not a Sprint, and meet me at Discover to discuss your journey.




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