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Automating business workflows for better in-store experiences and happier customers


Did you know that 90% of American adults today own a cell phone? And, according to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, January 9-12, 2014 Tracking Survey, for people between the ages of 18 and 29, that number is closer to 98%. Chances are, you're reading this on your cell phone right now, or at the very least your cell phone may ring, beep or buzz at some point while you read this. Those are big numbers that equate to a lot of customers for communication service providers. And for a CSP, it’s about acquiring the biggest piece of that pie as possible, but for as many customers as there are out there, in-store experience and customer service play a pivotal role in just how big a piece they might get.


In a global consumer research survey conducted by Accenture, it was found that 66% of consumers changed providers within the previous year, due to what they considered poor customer service.  And in a separate study, Accenture found that 75% of customers factor in their in-store experience when selecting a CSP.  It seems like commiserating about experiences with service providers is a hot button for many. I’ve personally experienced some pretty bad customer service with my CSP, including my last visit, where I endured a painfully long wait time before I finally just left the store without getting helped.  I’ve also heard a few horror stories from friends and colleagues who have had equally unpleasant or worse experiences with their CSPs.  Some issues were customer service related and others in-store experience related, but all left with a sour taste towards their service provider.  I know a couple of my friends can be counted among the 66% who changed providers.


Because prospective and existing customers may only walk into your retail store once every 2 years, it is that in-store experience and customer service that can be the deciding factor of a successful acquisition or retention. To this end, it seems that CSPs should make the customer experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, and optimizing business process workflows is one way to help accomplish that. Automating workflows in such processes as new account opening for instance, not only improves the customer experience by speeding up the entire process (less time waiting for the person in line ahead of you to finish and less time spent with the sales associate to open your new account), but for future service calls it enables improved responsiveness of customer support by making it quicker and easier to manage documents and retrieve customer account information.


We asked industry analyst firm, IDC, a few questions about optimizing business workflows in telecommunications. Find out what they had to say about key trends driving the need for telcos to improve business process workflows, what the core workflow processes are that will bring operating efficiencies and how a managed print and document services provider can help.


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