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Building the Subscriber-Centric Network


By: David Sliter, Communications Solutions Business, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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Here at HPE—and across the industry—we talk a lot about communication services provider (CSP) transformation. But in all the excitement about new services and capabilities, sometimes it feels like something essential gets overlooked: subscribers.


New network technologies like network functions virtualization (NFV), software defined networking (SDN), and multi-access edge computing (MEC) can help CSPs operate their networks with amazing agility and efficiency. But if CSPs truly intend to mold the future, then all of those capabilities need to be harnessed to fuel new digital experiences for customers. That doesn’t sound too controversial, does it? The problem is that, historically, CSP networks have been designed primarily around services—not human beings.


In our fast-evolving digital world, CSPs will need to focus much more on their subscribers. Not on “subscribers” as a single, undifferentiated group, but on the needs, desires, and experiences of every person connecting to the network, every time. That’s going to take new network capabilities—and data capabilities—well beyond what CSPs have used in the past. But, by combining big data customer analytics, granular subscriber data management, and next-generation network technologies, CSPs can put each subscriber where he or she belongs: right at the center of the network.


Personalizing the Network

What kinds of capabilities do CSPs need to have in place to build subscriber-centric networks and services? Here are just a few:


  • Telecom analytics: CSPs possess huge amounts of valuable information about their customers—AT&T alone carries more than 82 petabytes of data traffic on a typical business day. But in most cases, that data is scattered across many locations and systems, in many different forms. Big data analytics platforms like HPE Actionable Customer Intelligence (ACI) can break down the silos separating disparate data stores. By aggregating data across diverse applications, devices, and network domains, CSPs can improve their services, create more personalized and effective marketing, and increase revenues.


  • Next-generation subscriber data management: Using real-time data collection, discovery, and predictive analytics, CSPs can create smart profiles of every customer and gain deeper insight into their behaviors, needs, and preferences. They can draw on their unique, holistic view of subscribers, including identity, location and device information, online behavior, and more, to apply policies that improve customer experiences.


  • MEC: MEC positions advanced compute close to the edge of the network, allowing CSPs to collect (and automatically act on) information about each subscriber’s location, behavior, and network conditions. CSPs and their partners can use those insights—in real time—to improve and personalize each subscriber’s experience and enable applications that weren’t possible before.


Capitalizing on Subscriber Insights

These are just a few of the elements used to create a subscriber-centric network. Working together, they give CSPs powerful new insight into each and every subscriber. And they empower CSPs to act on those insights to increase customer loyalty, reduce churn, and open new revenue streams and business models.




 With the ability to understand and act on information about every subscriber, CSPs can:

  • Create more comprehensive, “360-degree” views of each customer across all of their devices and services—both in the moment and over time
  • Automatically generate personalized, targeted promotions and packages tuned to real-time usage trends
  • Create service-level agreements for new service tiers with guaranteed quality—both for the network connection itself and for the applications (both CSP-provided and third-party) it delivers


Subscriber-centric networks also change the relationship between CSPs and the third-party over-the-top (OTT) application providers running over their networks. CSPs can use the vast amounts of knowledge they collect about their customers—an incredibly valuable resource that no one else can provide—to reposition themselves higher in the value chain for subscriber applications and experiences.


The same tools that CSPs use to improve their services—real-time customer and network insights, 360-degree customer views across locations and devices—can be offered to third-party OTT providers to enhance their own offerings. Applications like augmented reality, contextual and location-based advertising, gaming and video, and many others can benefit from deeper insights into real-time and historical subscriber behavior, paired with real-time network conditions. And only CSPs can deliver them. 


Get Started

HPE is helping CSPs around the globe to capitalize on their networks and data. We offer leading-edge solutions that draw on our expertise in real-time analytics, massive processing analytics databases, business intelligence, and network management. We’re helping CSPs create panoramic views of their consumer, network, and personal profile data to unleash a new dimension of real-time analytics value.


Using new network capabilities and data insights, CSPs can create network-powered experiences built around individual human beings, not just ones and zeros. And they can create a new world of subscriber-centric experiences and business models. 


To learn more, download the white paper New Horizons for Service Providers: HPE Actionable Customer Intelligence.

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