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Celebrating a milestone with High Definition Voice Services


One million One.pngShipping the Millionth softDSP media server ports

 There are products that define your career over time. I have been involved in voice services for a long part of mine and the HPE OpenCall Media Platform that I had the pleasure to be involved in from its introduction at the turn of the 21st century was one of the most innovative, state of the art and competitive product that I have ever experienced.    The HPE OpenCall Media Platform has achieved the MILLIONTH softDSP ports milestone for the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) market . The presence of this product in 126 countries (see figure 1), serving more than 150 CSPs is in itself a testimony to the quality and technical superiority of the product design over time.

  One million Two.png

 Figure 1: HPE OCMP deploymentsOne million Three.png

 How did we get there?

 Historically, to deliver high performance IP media processing required purpose-built Digital Signal Processing (DSP) hardware. The introduction of software based Digital Signal Processing (SoftDSP) in the market by the HPE OpenCall Media Platform delivered best-of-breed IP media processing as a software application deployed on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) servers, where operating systems and drivers had been tuned to deliver real-time performance for voice and video services. 

 With this design concept, HPE OCMP was able to follow the technology and evolution from TDM signaling to IP network, from VoiceXML to CCXML, from Intelligent Network to IP Media Server, from Media Resource Function to Virtual Network Function (see figure 2), This decision proved to be strategic for CSPs as it allowed them to consolidate multiple value added services on a single platform and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of their voice and multimedia services. At the same time, they built a foundation for competitive and compelling revenue-generating services.


One million four.png

 Figure 2: HPE OCMP Technology Evolution

 And still evolving

Packet-switched communication service launches based on VoLTE are renewing the voice business helping CSPs to offer bundled high-quality communication services and data packages. With the introduction of the high definition (HD) Enhanced Voice Service (EVS) audio codec,  all CSP audio services such as announcement, conferencing, IVR, ring back tone, voice mail, pre-paid IVR., can move to HD voice. This will further improve the user experience by delivering even higher quality voice and music within LTE calls, while leveraging HD voice services in 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE networks. This natural HD audio codec evolution, embraced by 3GPP, increases the IMS VoLTE voice offering versus “traditional” Over the Top voice. As an extension of his already very rich HD-audio support of basic VoLTE IR.92 voice services, the HPE OCMP installed based will have access to a non-complex feature add-on that will enable EVS transcoding between different codecs.

 Usually the wideband EVS codec, which provides excellent voice and audio quality on any mobile network, mandates an intense processing solution to run sophisticated algorithms such as multi-microphone noise reduction and echo cancellation. With the HPE OCMP SoftDSP running on COTS approach, this processing power is available, following the exponential increase described by Moore’s law.

 In today’s competitive environment there is a need to deliver multimedia services at a steadily decreasing cost. That is why the HPE OCMP technology has evolved to be deployable as a virtualized MRF in a Network Function Virtualization (NFV) architecture. The software functions necessary for running the VAS services are now decoupled from the hardware with NFV infrastructure.  It simplifies and increases agility by using a single platform for multiple applications, facilitating the creation of innovation and portability of new services thanks to the support of the latest standards, industry base plug-ins and innovative service development and execution environment.

 Improving the end user experience

The smartphone era and user behaviors suggest that voice is losing significance. However, voice services still play an important role, since by definition they are part of mobile and fixed telephony, and people intuitively expect voice service quality to be as high as possible. 146 CSPs in 68 countries are investing in VoLTE deployments, studies or trials, including 82 CSPs that have commercially launched HD voice service using VoLTE in 43 countries (source Global Mobile Supplier Association, HD-Voice - VoLTE - VoWifi - VoLTE, ViLTE, EVS global status, June 2016). Their main objectives is to find new voice quality differentiation opportunities

 Call quality will drastically improve, background noise will fade while you’re chatting with your parents in a coffee shop. Friend’s voices will sound richer and more life-like over the phone. People can communicate more effectively, which has the potential to make them feel closer to the people they are speaking with, even in noisy environments.

 The CSPs really need to offer such an enhanced user experience in the current market landscape. And this is what HPE OpenCall Media Platform delivers.

Learn more about HPE Open Media Platform – Virtual Media Resource Functions, HPE Multimedia Services Environment and VAS Transformation


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