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China Unicom POC paves the road to SDN and NFV for LTE


With China being the largest country for mobile subscribers with more than a billion subscribers and numbers growing, having a flexible virtualized performant infrastructure is key !

As 4G deploys at very large scale with growing mobile video traffic with wechat and other services, peak of traffic, new mobile apps etc,  it is more and more important to leverage IT technology to simplify and have an all IP infrastructure across telecom and IT, and be able to deploy services automatically, scale dynamically and adapt traffic flows to applications and subscribers.



Different scenario are being implemented such as Elastic data center with openstack, managed virtual EPC and IMS, SDN based flow traffic steering, best use of software accelerators such as DPDK and SRIOV to reach low latency and telco grade performance on common of the shelf hardware.

HP contribution is quite significant with HW, Helion, SDN and NFV Orchestrator. HP now has 7 ETSI SDN-NFV POC, and remains the 1st vendor contributor.


more information on VoLTE Service based on vEPC and vIMS Architecture

and on HP ezine magazine here


List of HP POC accepted by ETSI NFV:







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