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Communications Industry Mega Trends


written by Bria Neal


Dave Sliter, Vice President & General Manager, Communications, Media & Entertainment Solutions, HP Enterprise Services, elaborates on issues he believes to be the most challenging to Communication Service Providers and discusses the benefits of emerging technologies such as cloud, big data, mobility, and NFV. You can hear the full story straight from Dave by watching this video. 



As more and more technological advances develop, there is no doubt that the growth of networks continues to expand as well. However despite continuous improvements, the fact that still remains is that these networks are costly investments in which equal share amongst carriers is nonexistent.


Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are constantly searching for ways to improve and expand not only their brand networks, but their customer loyalty as well. By researching and refining the level of quality that their customers experience continuously, both service providers and their customers will gain much more exposure to a solid and reliable relationship.


In order for network operators and service providers to further expand, they have to first gain exposure to new business sources at managed costs. “You have to get more for less, as opposed to the ‘less is more’ trend.” Dave indicates.


Technologic megatrends like cloud, mobility, big data, and the Communications Industry’s most anticipated trend, Network Functions Virtualization, all expose the company to more opportunities for efficiency such as reduced costs amongst telcos and the ability to introduce new services in a much more agile way.

With HP’s highly established credentials, we are equipped to partner with CSPs as they continue to pursue innovative solutions. To learn more about us, please visit  To follow Dave on Twitter:  @daveslitercme.

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