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Delivering on IoT customer experience: Identidad IoT Selects HPE to Deliver IoT Products & Services



With the strengthening Internet of things (IoT) market of connected devices and applications, Communication Service Provider’shave significant opportunities to benefit financially from the growing IoT market. “IoT connections will grow from 6 billion in 2015 to 27 billion in 2025, a CAGR of 16%” (IoT Global Forecast & Analysis 2015-2025 report, Machina Research, July 2016). For Communication Service Providers to deliver on the IoT promise, they must learn to unleash the vast capabilities of IoT-generated data to deliver value to enterprise applications, whether by enabling new revenue streams, reducing costs, or improving the customer experienceThe most immediate opportunity is to provide a centralized control point that provides a secure, reliable platform for vertical customization of IoT applications.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is proud to announce that Identidad IoT has selected the HPE Universal IoT Platform to deliver IoT products and services for its enterprise, small and medium business and telecommunications customers. “Identidad IoT has the knowledge and expertise to develop complete turnkey solutions for customers ranging from mobile network operators to service providers to end users,” said Andres Sanchez, CEO, Identidad IoT. “The HPE Universal IoT Platform is a robust IoT solution and we are confident that HPE is the right partner to lead our customers into the IoT era.” Read the official announcement here, and read more about our HPE Universal IoT Platform.


Want to see the HPE Universal IoT Platform in action? Join us at Andicom, September 1- 2nd at Cartagena de Indias Convention Center, Cartagena, Colombia and visit our panel discussions at the event:

How to reinvent a growth model for the Telco Industry, Vincent Pava, VP of Americas for CMS, HPE

5:10 pm - 6:10 pm, September 1st Room: BARAHONA 3


Want to learn more? Follow us on Twitter at @HPE_NFV & @HPE_CSP

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