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DevOps to the rescue for your Network and Digital Services


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From agility to DevOps

At Mobile World Congress 2013, I introduced the HPE Mobile App Lifecycle, driving the agile transformation of enterprise applications for mobile devices, facilitating the design, testing, security, performance, management, and compliance requirements to reach new customer audiences and employee expectations.  The exact same month, Gene Kim published The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win.  This business novel tells the story of an IT manager who has ninety days to rescue an over-budget and late IT initiative, code-named The Phoenix Project. It was the start of the next revolution in software development that changed ways of working by bringing development, operations and quality assurance teams together. Four years later, many web companies have successfully tackled comparable requirements for their software development within data centers.

 Why CSPs are adopting DevOps?

DevOps, because of its emphasis on agile, lean and other alternative methodologies, is often assumed to be appropriate only for a "startup-like" software development culture. However, DevOps is not rigidly prescriptive and locked into one way of doing things. While network-based Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have traditionally operated with a plan-driven approach that emphasizes safety and accuracy in the pursuit of reliability, the demands of digital business are pushing them to become radically more agile. This, coupled with the increasingly software-defined nature of network infrastructure, dictates that a move to iterative, largely outcome-focused approaches apply across the spectrum of CSPs development and operations activities.

The overall DevOps are a set of guiding principles, which need to be tailored to each CSP. DevOps message is compelling, because many enterprise IT organizations want to achieve the economies of scale achieved by world-class cloud providers. However, there are still several gaps that prevent implementation of DevOps as a comprehensive methodology.

How is HPE Communication & Media Solutions (HPE CMS) helping CSP DevOps practices?

 DevOps can help organizations that are pushing to implement a strategy to support their digitalization efforts. This means that organizations that expect to thrive in a digital business environment must have an improved competence in software delivery.

 HPE Network and Digital Services is about software (and technology) that helps CSPs modernize and enhance their network services, and expand their portfolio with the creation of digital services to become Digital Service Providers.

The DevOps movement finds traction among three significantly different groups of adopters. Each group works to overcome time constraints and resource requirements, while ensuring the quality and stability of their releases. 

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  • The first group of agile practitioners seeks to match the delivery and deployment pace to that of development teams using agile methods. The release pace ranges from daily to monthly.

HPE Network and Digital Services leverages the concept of smart digital conversations and real time interaction services that manage and execute communication among people, things and applications. This allows the creation of digital services with compelling user experiences, exploiting advanced interactions of Internet of Things, web services and Telco capabilities.

  • The second group comprises web-scale practitioners, who adopt DevOps notions, but have also restructured the runtime architectures and delivery mechanisms, managing delivery and risk in novel ways to achieve many micro-releases in a day.

HPE Network and Digital Services build on horizontal/open platforms, while exposing APIs and micro services for new services development reduces time to develop and eases the operations of the new interactive applications.

  • Finally, the third group comprises organizations that have well-established structured release practices that are embracing aspects of DevOps. This group is also looking for ways to contain or reduce costs as complexity rises.

 With a long experience in API Management and Platform as a Service oriented services through market exposure, proven references in all solution domains and DevOps practices, different business and cost model options, HPE Network and Digital Services maintain the rock-solid foundation of current CSP network services during the transformation to NFV and IP.

 The implementation of an agile lifecycle has typically affected interactions only among small groups of business stakeholders and discrete application-development teams. By contrast, the move to a DevOps model brings broader, more systemic changes that could significantly alter interactions among software-delivery teams, IT-operations staffers, and business stakeholders..

 Come and discover how a tier one CSP in EMEA significantly reduced time to develop and eased the operations of its new interactive network and digital services. Join us at Mobile World Congress 2017, Barcelona, Hall 3E11 for the DevOps to the Rescue for Your Network and Digital Services discussion zone session on February 27 at 15.00.


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