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ETSI NFV#11 highlights


Great ETSI NFV meeting in San Jose last week, with 277 attendees !




Lots of progress with some work items starting to get published, most of them in the public area now and getting feedback from the industry, more and more POCs with 38 POCs now and some discussions on next steps with Stage 3 topic, but also 2016 work plan and collection of features.


We also had good interactions with external entities, leveraging the opportunity to be collocated with OpenDaylight Summit and OPNFV Hackfest and sharing some early recommendations on SDN with NFV, but also testing and few other topics. Teams collaborate very effectively with some people participating in ETSI NFV attending OPNFV and ODL meetings, and vice versa.


  • Tutorials: half a day tutorial was conducted, delivered by the chair WG. This was recorded by Telecom TV and will be soon available. Slides have been posted on the ETSI NFV portal (restricted access for now). A similar tutorial should be conducted at the SDN World Congress in Dusseldorf this fall.


  • EVE005: On the SDN-NFV Side, we made good progress on the Work Item I am leading, EVE005 Report.
    • We approved many contributions, incl a few from Contextream/HP. As a rapporteur, I produced EVE005v15 after the meeting, It is now publicly available. The plan is to approve this as Stable Draft on Aug 13th. Then we’ll do consistency reviews to go to Publication approval at NFV#12.
    • We had a good meeting with ONF. ONF had provided some inputs on our document, and we provided some inputs on their draft document. Main input was that ONF views SDN in a broad sense as Software Based Network, not just infrastructure. They also cover resource configurations etc, things we do not address in NFV. This is agreed and ok. ETSI NFV covers the case of both Infrastructure and Tenant SDN controller.
    • We also had a good meeting with OPNFV and OpenDaylight, at the OpenDaylight Summit in Santa Clara. We discussed a few requirements we have for multi-site, service continuity, federation support etc, things ODL does not do today. ODL akcknowledged that NFV is their top use case, gave an update on Lithium, ie GBP-Neutron integration, Intent project, SFC. OPNFV pointed to Multi-Site and Service Continuity projects that started recently. Next step is for ETSI ISG to share EVE005 Stable Draft with list of recommendations, with use cases explained.


  • TST WG that I co-chair – Testing, OpenSource & POC – we made good progress on TST001 & TST002. TST001 and TST002 are now publicly available. We had a good meeting with IFA to review our Interop testing Tables. Marc Flauw (HP) provided that review. OPNFV Test people attended our TST WG meetings. We had a meeting with OPNFV and ODL at the OpenDaylight Summit. Strong collaboration between ETSI NFV and OpenSource on testing methodology.
  • TST WG is also in charge of ETSI NFV POC. We now have 38 POC, incl 10 POC from HP. Some POC will be demoed at the SDN World Congress. i.e. Telenor POC#34 and Telstra POC#38



  • IFA WG: IFA made some great progress too. IFA001: “Acceleration Technologies; Overview and Use Cases” is now Stable Draft. Many contributions approved and a new Work Item on Information models J with HP, Marc Flauw, as rapporteur.
  • SEC WG: SEC002 Security features in mgmt sofware report approved for Publication, SEC004 LI report reached WG approval, SEC007 made some progress and a v3 is posted. Note that SEC Specs are not publicly available yet unless they are finalized. This is a WG decision and should change soon.
  • REL WG: REL002 "Scalable Arch for Reliability Report" reached WG approval. REL005Quality Accountability Framework”, created recently is progressing fast: target is to go Stable Draft at the end of the month.
  • Other topics included discussion on Phase 3 and feature collection. More to come in NFV#12.
  • Next Meetings:
    • Sept 14-15: TSC meeting to review Feature Proposal – Sophia-Antipolis, France
    • Sept 15-18: IFA F2F – Sophia-Antipolis, France
    • Oct 27-30 - NFV#12 – Jersey City, NJ-US
    • Feb 15-19 – NFV#13 – Dublin, Irlande
  • URL:
  • ETSI Drafts:
  • ETSI NFV Public Portal:
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