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ETSI NFV#13: new milestones being completed


ETSI NFV#13 just completed in Dublin, Ireland

ETSI meeting.jpg

No gaelic game nor concert this week but nice facilities thanks to Cobham Wireless and Openet, our host, in Croke Park Stadium: the largest irish stadium with a capacity of 82,300 people … fourth largest stadium in Europe !

So no Beyonce or Springsteen but a steady attendance of 220 ETSI NFV people meeting and working hard to make progress ! the key actors of this industry that is moving full speed deploying NFV in live operator's network was there. If you had doubt NFV would happen these doubts should be over, now that operators not only deploy virtualized infrastructure on linux servers, but dive into software development, devops and all the topics that will help them master this future multi-vendor highly programmable software defined network environment, with infrastructure, services and management layers all software based and dynamic. More and more complex topics come to the table in ETSI NFV discussions that show the maturity of NFV that has moved beyond POC and lab prototypes.

While Release 1 published in December 2014 was paving the road for NFV with common architecture and principles for triggering an ecosystem to design multi-vendor virtualized network functions with security & reliability guidelines – Release 2 being made available is starting to publish some pretty detailed reports and specifications on acceleration, interfaces, work with SDN, pre-deployment testing methodology, reliability quality metrics, or security guidelines including related to regulation: most of this work is completed, published or about to be published. And Release 3 is under way … with 17 or so new work items reviewed and approved this week.

The testing & opensource TST working group that I am chairing with Francisco-Javier is now the hot topic: with NFV deploying, testing is critical. ETSI NFV TST work is providing guidance to vendors and operators, but also to Opensource projects. NFV#13 approved the publication of TST001: Pre-deployment testing methodology, already used by OPNFV Yardstick and many people in the industry who had access to the working draft publicly available. TST002 on interop testing methodology is completed and finalizing alignment with latest IFA specs to be published. TST003 mapping to OpenStack is raising so much interest that having a new Work Item on this topic is now on the table. And ETSI Plugtest for 2016 on NFV is being defined ! with ETSI TST people also quite active in OPNFV testing projects, we have very good alignment between the two entities, and got a very interesting review of OPNFV projects from Pierre/Ixia and Trevor/Intel. I also shared an overview of testing & performance landscape that is available on slideshare.

I also chaired a very interesting Q&A evening session with ETSI legal on working with OpenSource projects. With more and more opensource projects poping up around NFV, as shared with plenary in a deck I have posted on slideshare, it is important for ETSI NFV to understand how to best leverage and communicate with the opensource community.

Interesting enough ETSI announced on Friday the creation of a new group in ETSI focused on NFV opensource MANO, or more specifically NFVO+VNFM. This came too late to be actually discussed in ETSI NFV but many people start questioning how this plays versus ETSI NFV or OPNFV typically.

The work on Information Model led by Marc Flauw from HPE is progressing very well. Following the workshop in Colorado, many SDOs have started to work on the alignment or feedback to ETSI NFV, in particular ONF for ETSI NFV to use the same core model, TMForum on os-ma interface, DMTF on OVF for descriptors or CIMI and VIM, and TOSCA with its latest release incl NFV. In parallel, ETSI NFV has approved some work items to progress UML modelling and a work item to specify VNF Descriptors using TOSCA for instance.

The security SEC group that is very active, with 4 or 5 documents published already on trust guidance, multiple administrative host, or lawful intercept, got a nice demo on European project SECURED, given by Ludovic Jacquin from HPE Labs, as a validation of the requirements produced by GS NFV-SEC 009. Couple additional documents are completed and should be published soon. A new work item on security for MANO got approved.

The IFA working group was very busy as usual, working on interfaces. 3 specifications on acceleration got approved for publication, few others are completed on MANO interfaces and should be published soon, incl IFA005, IFA006 and IFA010. Others to complete in the coming months.

The REL working group was happy to see REL004 "Active Monitoring and Failure Detection in NFV Environments" being approved for publication and agreed on a few more work item proposals.

While the EVE working group keeps tracking progress with the external entities and was happy to re-open terminology and use cases documents, and propose a few more new work items, including one on charging for instance.

Other topic that starts to become more and more important is 5G. NGMN liaison officer shared NGMN interest to work with ETSI NFV on use cases, typically Network Slicing for instance. ETSI board 5GCom task force contacted the NFV ISG to get inputs. A number of European projects on 5G, like 5GNORMA, are now referencing ETSI NFV as input but also as an entity to provide feedback to in terms of 5G requirements or project learning.

Last but not least, there were 18 women attending NFV#13. While this is few comparing to the 220 total number of attendees, it is a growing number and women in the audience were happy to feel less ‘isolated’ … so they suggested that we create a women in NFV community. Let’s hope this will encourage more women to join the NFV work, in ETSI and elsewhere! more gender balance is always a good thing.

NFV#14 will be in Atlanta, hosted by AT&T May 3-8th 2016. See you there!

More information on ETSI NFV at (incl Specifications, link to POC, link to workplan, etc)

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