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ETSI NFV ISG #7: Telecom TV Interview with Vinay Saxena


Watch Telecom TV interview of Vinay Saxena, Chief Architect of HP’s NFV Business, as he discusses the importance of an open NFV architecture and Phase 2 of NFV.


As we enter Phase 2, Saxena emphasizes the role Proof of Concepts will play. Vinay shares highlights of HP PoC’s ranging from CP devices, to Mobile Core Subsystems, to CDN technologies, and all the way to Virtualized IMS. The main goal of the PoC’s, explains Vinay, is to create environments where customers are comfortable with the stability of the technology. 


Towards the end of the interview, Vinay is asked about the barriers to NFV adoption and how they can be overcome. From a technology standpoint, Saxena believes that the barriers are reliability, availability, and liability factors. However, the biggest barrier is the people in process changes in the Telco’s. Saxena states that the people process chain is hard to start with, but change is coming.


To watch the entire interview, please click here.


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Tiffany Alvano works for HP in the NFV Business Unit and helps drive the overall marketing strategy. Tiffany is a social media professional and has been blogging since the start of NFV.

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