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ETSI NFV ISG #7: Telecom TV Interview with Werner Schaefer


Watch Telecom TV interview with Werner Schaefer, Vice President of HP’s NFV Business, as he discusses the role of HP in developing the ongoing NFV ecosystem, proof of concepts, NFV products and the meaning of openness from an NFV BU perspective.


HP has taken an active role by establishing a new business unit around NFV bringing all the assets in, which HP has to offer. Schaefer states that his BU will do everything to accelerate the adoption of NFV in the telecommunications industry. It is undergoing over two dozen proofs of concepts with telco partners around the world, as well as collaborating with other ecosystem vendors.


Schaefer speaks about HP’s OpenNFV program with already 85 partners willing to join. HP will launch its global lab program in September. In the end of the interview Werner is asked about ETSI’s role in the developing process of NFV. From Schaefer’s perspective carriers should be excited when seeing big players from the IT industry coming together for searching the right solutions to bring the carriers to the NFV world.


To watch the entire interview, please click here.


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About the Author


Tiffany Alvano works for HP in the NFV Business Unit and helps drive the overall marketing strategy. Tiffany is a social media professional and has been blogging since the start of NFV.

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