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ETSI NFV ISG #7: Watch Telecom TV Interview with Prodip Sen, Former Chair of ETSI


Watch interview of Prodip Sen as he reviews the past year and his role as ETSI Chair as well as the strides made in the NFV industry. The ETSI NFV ISG Meeting #7 took place last month at the Santa Clara Convention Center. During the meeting Prodip Sen, CTO of the Network Functions Virtualization Business Unit at HP, was interviewed about his role as chairman and the challenges he has overcome. While he steps down from his ETSI chairman role, he will remain heavily involved.


Since Dr. Sen has been on board, significant strides to rally the industry around this transformation have been made. In this interview, Dr. Sen shares how the NFV ISG has been able to galvanize the industry into action and produce a set of documents to guide the industry, in a record time compared to other industry efforts.  

When asked about the challenges he has faced as chairman, Dr. Sen responded that it was difficult, but the main ingredient that kept the idea alive was the concept that everyone involved in the leadership had the same vision.That vision was to drive the effort from a user perspective and achieve a consensus. Knowing when to step back really helped through the process.


To watch the entire interview please click here.

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Tiffany Alvano works for HP in the NFV Business Unit and helps drive the overall marketing strategy. Tiffany is a social media professional and has been blogging since the start of NFV.

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