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ETSI NFV Update - NFV#7 - HP leads with 6 accepted ETSI NFV POCs


ETSI NFV#7 is over … 303 attendees in Santa Clara. Always more attendees !! Great Venue at the Convention Center, across from the host and its modern campus, Citrix.

the social event was also very nice and informative at the Computer Science Museum in Mountain View, with dinner sponsored by HP. I was fascinated by all those machines that paved the road of NFV, especially the Cray-1, especially since I learnt that the ipad for instance has the power of a Cray-1 !


The main focus of this week was around 4 topics:

  • Finalizing Phase#1 or Release#1 specifications
  • Preparing Phase#2
  • Getting update on POCs
  • Telecom TV interviews

It is also an excellent opportunity for people to socialize or discuss business, as most of the key actors of the communication industry are attending ETSI NFV.

Obviously among the 303 attendees, only about a 3rd actually contribute actively to the ISG work. Others come to the plenary for updates and networking… or party maybe Smiley Happy


As we progress upon finalizing phase#1, we have already published a number of the 23 ISG NFV specifications on the ETSI NFV public portal ( for ISG level specifications (terminology, architecture, use cases and requirements and POC framework)


Standard No.

Standard title.


Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); NFV Performance & Portability Best Practices

GS NFV 001

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Use Cases

GS NFV 002

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Architectural Framework

GS NFV 003

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Terminology for Main Concepts in NFV

GS NFV 004

Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Virtualisation Requirements


Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Proofs of Concepts; Framework

or in the ETSI NFV open area for specifications (GS) drafts being finalized (



On the POC side, 23 POCs have been accepted sofar, among which 6 are involving HP officially, either for HW (#2, #6, #13, #15, #22, #23) , Virtual Router (#2), SDN controller (#13 & #15) or NFV Director (#23). With 6 POC, HP is the leading vendor involved in ETSI NFV POCs. Other POCs may be using HP assets without formal HP involvement in the POC …


A number of ETSI NFV POCs will be demonstrated live at the upcoming SDN World Congress in October,

in the NFV POC Zone , incl #2, #13 and #15 with HP.

  • PoC#1 - CloudNFV Open NFV Framework Project
  • PoC#2 - Service Chaining for NW Function Selection in Carrier Networks
  • PoC#4 - Multi-vendor Distributed NFV
  • PoC#5 - E2E vEPC Orchestration in a multi-vendor open NFVI environment
  • PoC#7 - C-RAN virtualisation with dedicated hardware accelerator
  • PoC#9 - VNF Router Performance with DDoS Functionality
  • PoC#12 - Demonstration of multi-location, scalable, stateful Virtual Network Function
  • PoC#13 - SteerFlow: Multi-Layered Traffic Steering for Gi-LAN
  • PoC#15 - Subscriber Aware SGi/Gi-LAN Virtualization
  • PoC#18 - VNF Router Performance with Hierarchical Quality of Service Functionality
  • PoC#19 - Service Acceleration of NW Functions in Carrier Networks
  • PoC#21 - Network Intensive and Compute Intensive Hardware Acceleration


Another interesting point is formal liaison that ETSI NFV has established with other SDO or Opensource entity.

Some of this information is also public. The role of the liaison is quite formal in ETSI and enables ETSI ISG NFV to exchange approved information.

This content is currently being produced, primarily out of the gap analysis exercise which occurs in the different working group and is being consolidated at the ISG level.

NFV Liaison Matrix



Agreement Type 

NFV ISG Liaison Officer 



 Adrian Neal (VF)



 Parviz Yegani (Juniper)


 Coop/MoU in progress

 Peter Wörndle (Ericsson)



 Ashutosh Dutta (AT&T)



 Huilan Lu (Alcatel Lucent)



 Mike Bugenhagen (CenturyLink)



 Klaus Martiny (DT)



 Deepanshu Gautam (Huawei)



 Nabil Damouny (Netronome)

 TM Forum


 John Strassner (Huawei)

LS Exchange


NFV ISG Liaison Officer  


 Evelyne Roch (Huawei)


Michael Brenner (Alcatel Lucent)


Nabil Nabouny (Netronome)


 Ramki Krishnan (Brocade)


Regarding phase#2, the governance model and the scope is still being defined and companies are being invited to submit proposal that will be reviewed in upcoming plenary, NFV#8 in Chandler, Arizona. Among the topics that emerge, we are likely to see SDN-NFV, OSS for NFV, more detailed and normative interface specifications and some other topics. I personally believe that SDN in an NFV architecture framework is a major topic that requires some assessment and more work, and this is something I have already started to share and shape as a proposal for phase #2. This is getting lots of support, from member companies and participants, and will support not only ETSI NFV Phase#2 but also interactions with SDO and Opensource.


Finally Telecom TV was on site and performed a number of interviewers, of HP and non HP people. Werner, Bethany, Prodip and myself got the opportunity to share some views on NFV.


Stay tuned !!

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