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Ensure your TV middleware lives up to its potential in serving your media value chain


Author: Cristina Lewis, Digital Video Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise



Today’s challenges for CSPs include increasing customer engagement, reducing time to market with new video services, and seeking more data on their customers’ viewing behaviors and preferences.  And yet customer data (that can determine viewing behaviors and preferences) stored in your TV middleware is a gold mine worth of data if it is leveraged to its fullest potential. 


Therefore, HPE developed the Universal Video Platform to help its customers extract and gain insights from the customer data, then quickly launch new video services and campaigns that will increase customer engagement, reducing churn.


The UVP solution operates as a layer above your existing TV middleware, and facilitates the integration of your existing OSS/BSS systems and middleware. Then leveraging open APIs such as REST or SOAP, new applications are developed in conjunction with your existing middleware capabilities.


These new applications can launch new customer engagement opportunities that “go to the customer”. For example, a user can receive details about a new video package through Facebook Messenger and easily enroll through this social media tool.   In addition, the UVP Solution can create an application that targets low margin customers or completely disengaged customers with a video campaign that is built and configured on the UVP platform without a lengthy development cycle.


These two examples only address a few of the features and capabilities you can have with the HPE UVP Solution. To learn more about the comprehensive solution and how you can use your TV middleware to its fullest potential, join us September 15-19 at our booth in Hall #9 MS62 @ IBC 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Learn more about HPE media solutions at

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