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Everything I Need to Know About NFV I Learned From….



All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten is a well-known book which addresses “how the world would be improved if adults adhered to the same basic rules as children.”  Since it was published in 1986, over 17 million copies of this book are in print and 25 years later people still reference it as an easy guide to life.  Since our charter is to help ease the CSP journey to the next-generation telco networks, we decided the industry needed a similar “easy guide”.  Together, with our growing ecosystem of partners (now over 70 strong), we’ve created a collection of “Everything I Need to Know about NFV, I Learned From..”  that you can follow daily on our live Twitter feed.

Just as the original book was a collection of short essays, the videos below are short vinyettes – snap shots of brilliance to help guide you through this transformation: 


What additional advice would you give Communication Service Providers? Let us know what you think, and comment below!

Visit us at our HPE OpenNFV website, and follow us on Twitter at @HPE_NFV and @HPE_CSP.

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