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Excited to be part of the evolving telecommunications landscape!


It is Day 1 at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and we are excited to be part of the Communications Solution Business.   


Communication is no longer a privilege reserved for humans! Every day, human innovation deploys applications and services that allow connected devices to add value to our lives. We are living in a world that is getting more and more hyper connected. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are at the front and center of this new connected world. They have key assets that make them invaluable in the value chain for any application delivery. First, a wide footprint – Central Offices (COs), extensive Points-of-Presence (PoPs) - to provide ubiquitous connectivity on an infrastructure that they manage. Secondly, they have end-to-end visibility and physical connectivity-level control of the pathways that connect creators and consumers of services. This means that no application provider can assure the performance of an application to the extent that a CSP can. Lastly, the established relationship of trust (billing and identity) that the CSPs enjoy with the consumers is something application providers will take a long time to develop. These assets can be leveraged to foray into new vertical markets, reimagine service offerings for consumers and enterprises and forge new business models with application service providers / OTTs.     


Making the pursuit of these new opportunities both practical and financially attractive will require a major shift in the CSP mindset. Agility and efficiency will be the core attributes that will dictate their success in this new fast moving, high demand, ever changing expectations market place. On the ground, it means converting the existing networks and infrastructure into programmable platforms; moving operations from sequential manual tasks to fully automated mode and changing the services and service delivery models to provide a personalized, on-demand user experience. Along the way, CSP COs and PoPs will look more and more like Cloud data centers as key technologies like NFV and SDN manifest a shift from monolithic systems to an infrastructure based on open platforms. The CSP infrastructure of tomorrow is the Telco Cloud – a distributed, high availability, open platform that is programmable in real time to provide Telco services and applications.    


We at Hewlett Packard Enterprise have the unique advantage of our well established leadership in the IT/Cloud domain and a long history of telecom experience to be a trusted partner to our CSP customers as they embark on this transformation to the Telco Cloud. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey!



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