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HP ES helped NTT DOCOMO become the first CSP to launch a cloud-based, real-time translation service


HP Enterprise Services helped NTT DOCOMO become the first Communication Service Provider (CSP) to launch a cloud-based, real-time translation service for smartphones and tablets



We all know that we can easily become polyglot thanks to... our smartphone! I already use those convenient apps to quickly translate or help me talk in some european languages that I don't master when travelling. But I was far from thinking I could do the same in Japanese!


Here I am... and I am not the only one, as I have already heard that this new NTT app has been already downloaded a quite impressive number of times!


So let me give you a bit more details about how HP ES helped NTT Docomo and go through the overall story :

NTT Docomo cloud-based translation service.png


Customer’s Business/IT Needs: 

  • In the competitive Japanese market, NTT DOCOMO needed innovative solutions and services to stay competitive
  • In 2012, the CEO was convinced that the availability of a practical translating mobile solution would be a significant differentiator and give NTT DOCOMO a competitive edge
  • He ordered a study with the message, “Cross over the language barrier by mobile phone”
  • NTT DOCOMO had to create an innovative communication service that would cross over the language barrier for smartphone users


Description of HP Solution:

HP Enterprise Services helped NTT DOCOMO become the first CSP to launch a cloud-based, real-time translation service for smartphones and tablets. HP provided the system integration that allowed the customer to deliver translation services hosted on an existing NTT DOCOMO cloud using new technology and a voice network of commercial security and reliability. The solution is based on HP Communications, Media and Entertainment Solutions, OpenCall Media Platform (OCMP) and HP BladeSystem servers. Some of the voice recognition and text-to-speech engine is accessed through the cloud. HP CMS is continuing to add new language support, iOS client application support, and other enhancements. The solution integrates cloud and mobile network resources in the cloud to handle heavy processing and enable rapid, real-time interpretation in three steps:
(1) Voice recognition
(2) Rendering into the chosen language
(3) Conversion to voice
Translations are provided both as screen text and voice readouts. The subscriber simply dials the other party using an Android application for smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2 or higher. Calls can be placed to any mobile or landline phone, either in Japan or overseas. It now supports 10 non-Japanese languages. HP used its technology and skills to integrate multivendor voice recognition and machine translation engines, including the following third-party software:
• Automatic speech recognition (ASR): Nuance, AmiVoice, ATR, NiCT, CSLi and iFLYTEK
• Machine translating: Cross Language, KODENSHA and NiCT
• Text-to-speech: HOYA and Nuance
• Japanese analysis: NTT Advanced Technology (NTT AT)

Services/Offerings & Technology Featured

  • Applications and Cloud Enablement – Development and Integration Services
  • HP OpenCall Media Platform
  • HP ProLiant 460c Gen7 Server Blades


Measurable Client Outcomes

  • Innovative voice recognition/translation solution has helped NTT DOCOMO decrease the churn rate, increase subscriber satisfaction
  • Friendly service encourages the broader use of smartphones
  • Creative offering demonstrates the company’s innovation and status as an advanced mobile operator
  • Flexible infrastructure enables support for 10 languages
  • Cloud-based service enables real-time phone and face-to-face translations

This innovative solution was awarded the "US Media Panel Innovation Award" at CEATEC2012 Tokyo, "Best Network Product and Solution for the Consumer" at Mobile World Congress 2013, and the "Emerging Technology Award" at US CTIA 2013


Visit us and learn more at:

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Marie-Sophie Masselot is bringing her thought leadership in business transformation in the telecom arena, thanks to her latest role as the marketing lead for the HPE IoT Platform and Digital Services. She is coming with a technical background as computer sciences engineer, having held different positions from software development through supply chain or sales support in telecom companies.

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