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HP NFV CTO Prodip Sen Interviewed on the Relationship of SDN and NFV


Prodip Sen, HP NFV CTO was interviewed at SDN and Openflow World Congress about the interplay between SDN and NFV. In this Telecom TV interview, Dr. Sen talks about the NFV ecosystem, why SDN matters, and proof of concepts.


Dr. Sen is asked about the ecosystem for NFV/SDN and how far advanced it has become. Dr. Sen states that the ecosystem is evolving and has many different aspects. NFV architecture has several major elements around the infrastructure, as well as management and orchestration. Each of those elements, Dr. Sen replies, is a place where you can have a different ecosystem of partners. HP is working with technology partners in infrastructure and working with other partners in management and orchestration. In most cases, HP is working with partners that range from ISVs to NEPs. The main thrust in building an ecosystem, states Dr. Sen, is that HP has an open architecture. They encourage others to partner and test in the labs.


The interview then changes focus to HP’s PoCs. Dr. Sen replies that HP is involved in a large number of PoCs – around 20. These proof of concepts reach beyond ETSI, with customers around the world covering different use cases and different domains.


Towards the end of the interview Dr. Sen is asked why SDN matters in NFV. He replies with personal experience, stating that his participation in this space started with SDN. SDN is appealing and interesting, however, when you try to apply it, it becomes very hard to build a business case that justifies using it. Dr. Sen states that the business case for NFV is obvious; NFV became the business case for SDN.


Lastly, Dr. Sen is asked about the expectations of NFV/SDN and how they have risen over the years. Sen believes the start of rising expectations began with the announcement of NFV, which eventually led to its growth. He states that people are finally starting to see that there is an interplay between SDN and NFV.


We welcome you to view the full interview here, and tell us what you think in the comments to this post, or via Twitter, @HPCMS #OpenNFV

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Tiffany Alvano works for HP in the NFV Business Unit and helps drive the overall marketing strategy. Tiffany is a social media professional and has been blogging since the start of NFV.

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