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HP Subscription Fraud solution for telecommunication operators


Identity fraud — a leading method of committing subscription fraud — is a deliberate act to steal revenue from the operator. And it usually ends up buried in a company’s bad debt. To avoid incurring heavy losses from the time of activation until the fraud is discovered, operators need early detection of recurring fraudsters

Learn how HP can help you in protecting your revenues ..

Andrea Fabrizi
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." (Mark Twain)
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I’m the Director of the Big Data and Analytics solution family for the Telecommunication market. My responsibilities include defining the strategic direction of our products, go-to-market, securing the business, manage Profit & Loss and turn around with success the Big Data Analytics in Telecommunication Industry. 20+ years of valuable experience in: building new business, strategy, delivery, partner channel, alliance, sales, marketing, product and people management in Big Data analytics and in Telecommunication

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