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HP's Unique Position in NFV, Virtualization TM Forum Live

This blog has been written by Jeff Edlund—CTO, HP Communication and Media Solutions.


I was part of the TM Forum Live conference in Nice this past June and was intrigued by the elevated position Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) had at the conference. The conference talked about how telecom companies benefit from NFV when used and structured for success. It is clear that NFV isn’t just a short term solution that you can choose various parts of, but CSP’s must be willing to understand the concept, technology, benefits, and risks associated with NFV. When you are able to understand the system as a whole then the technology opens even new use-cases.


HP, who has a strong portfolio of solutions for NFV has been meeting the requirements that have been set up ETSI. ETSI has currently defined 19 use cases that HP is working on to explain how our solutions are addressing those use cases. That being said we are additionally going above and beyond use cases set forth by ETSI aligning ourselves to the requests coming directly from the CSPs.


HP has two top tier CSPs who are highly involved with NFV, they understand that HP is not just providing them with infrastructure technology, but guiding them to make intelligent solution decisions to make sure that NFV adds the intended value to the business. HP in NFV is more than a leader in IT infrastructure, HP brings to the NFV table over 20 years of deep telecom experience delivering solutions directly in the revenue producing network.


HP offers commodity storage, commercial off the shelf servers, open flow capable switching equipment, SDN controller technology and has a partner ecosystem to fill solution gaps for our customers. Additionally we support all the major hypervisor vendors and have built a multi-vendor, multi-controller, & multi-hypervisor Resource Management and Orchestration solution called NFV Director. Combine this with our solution catalog that includes: HLR, HSS, MRF, mediation, policy, etc… and you can quickly see that HP has an unbeatable solution.


HP OpenNFV is a solution that has an open and transparent approach to the market. We will use the ETSI use cases as a stepping block for making sure that we understand the concerns for CSPs and then build on those to provide them with solutions to better address their business needs.


You can watch the interview that I had with RCR Wireless News below.




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