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HPE OpenNFV Partner Program validates vIMS with Radisys MediaEngine vMRF


Guest Author: Ray Adensamer, Director of Marketing at Radisys


While there have been a few vIMS announcements in the market, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Radisys have worked together to deliver vIMS with full HD voice and HD video support. The ability to deliver real-time voice and video communications services, utilizing HPE OpenNFV infrastructure and the Radisys MediaEngine vMRF is an industry first and has been successfully validated in a multi-vendor vIMS architecture.

The strict performance requirements essential for real-time media processing, like minimal latency and jitter, can present unique challenges when deploying data plane processing elements like an IMS Media Resource Function (MRF) over hypervisor technology in a cloud infrastructure. The Radisys MediaEngine vMRF has overcome these media plane challenges without sacrificing media quality or network performance and does so with very little capacity reduction relative to bare metal deployments. As a result of extensive interoperability testing and validation of the MediaEngine vMRF in HPE’s OpenNFV partner program, network operators deploying virtualized IMS infrastructure can now deliver carrier-scale HD media processing capabilities with the full benefits of cloud elasticity, scale, and infrastructure re-usability. 

“The Radisys MediaEngine vMRF is highly optimized for cloud deployment and enables communication service providers to deploy scalable multimedia communications services in HPE’s OpenNFV cloud infrastructure with exceptional performance and reliability”, noted Adnan Saleem, Chief Architect for MediaEngine, Radisys.  “Onboarding, launching, and instance management of our vMRF on HPE OpenNFV required a few simple steps to configure, spin up, and successfully serve voice and video calls”.

“The Hewlett Packard Enterprise OpenNFV partner program enables carriers to choose pre-validated Virtual Network Functions such as the Radisys MediaEngine vMRF for their end-to-end NFV solutions. The due diligence completed by Radisys and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to validate the vMRF on the NFV System ensures that risks and costs of transitioning to NFV are minimized for our CSP customers," adds Vasu Sankhavaram, Chief Technologist for HPE NFV.

Radisys’ MediaEngine vMRF brings over 15 years of MRF leadership to service providers wishing to deploy advanced multimedia services on public and private cloud infrastructure worldwide. The MediaEngine vMRF provides a wide range of multimedia processing capabilities necessary to create and deploy advanced communications services over VoLTE/VoWiFi/WebRTC. It helps communication service providers drive cost out of their network and accelerate new service introduction by eliminating proprietary media processing platforms and replacing them with a common, reusable and open media processing resource for all their network and value added services.



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