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HPE Universal IoT at HPE Discover London 2016



Author: Brent MacDonald, HPE Marketing Lead, CMS IoT/GCP.

Discover HPE Universal IoT! Catch the IoT-focused demos and speaker sessions @ HPE Discover London 2016. Explore the full HPE Disover London Agenda

HPE Universal IoT Demos

Future city centre, Demo #1803

Exponential growth of diverse data and connectivity presents opportunities and risks to public and commercial communities. As these communities strive to become safer and smarter, leaders look to IoT to drive their next stage of evolution. See how we pave the path with HPE’s IDOL, Vertica, Hybrid Data Management Platform and Universal IoT Platform. These solutions offer the full spectrum of capabilities, including management for connectivity, devices and apps, as well as real-time data analytics that turns data into actionable intelligence.

Internet of Things and the connected car, accelerating the car of the future, Demo #1806

As OEMs take more control of the connectivity and applications powering their connected cars, the ability to rapidly deploy, manage and enable new services and applications becomes even more important. Visit this demo to see how with the HPE Universal IoT Platform offers one-stop shopping for multinational enterprises seeking to deploy their automotive IoT offerings in multiple countries and regions.

HPE Universal IoT Platform, where Data Monetization equals success, Demo #1807

The Internet of Things is driven by connectivity and the data that flows across that connectivity. Whether the focus is on managing connectivity or driving data monetization through application enablement, the HPE Universal IoT Platform offers communications service providers and enterprises the capabilities to address these demands and deliver value to their customers. Visit this demo to see how the HPE Universal IoT Platform can help you achieve these results.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Mobile Edge Computing solutions enable enterprise IoT deployments, Demo #1808

In today’s competitive market, the quality of experience matters more than ever before. Come to this demo to learn how HPE Mobile Edge Computing solutions, leveraging private LTE and Wi-Fi environments, improve the quality of experience by enabling customers to address hundreds of business and mission-critical IoT use cases. Find out how processing data at the edge reduces data transport costs.

Leveraging key components of HPE’s portfolio to meet Mobile Virtual Network Operator requirements, Demo 1809

Mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) specialize in the planning, implementation and management of mobile services. Visit this demo and see how the HPE MVNE as a service solution allows mobile operators to more efficiently and less expensively onboard their mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) customers, minimize the use of their internal resources, allow for MNOs to host MVNOs on a platform separate from their retail platform and accelerate revenue. Discover how HPE provides a single, remarkable doorway to global connectivity for MVNOs.

HPE Speaker Sessions

Future cities, with IoT innovation at work for citizens and governments, T10910 – Wednesday 11:30 - 12:00, Theater 1

Speaker: Nigel Upton, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, WW CMS IoT Senior Director, United States

With increased connectivity options and sensors on every street light, bus, trash bin and utility line, municipalities can use their assets more strategically to reduce costs and enhance economic development. Future city technologies will also enable delivery of better services, greater security and improved civic engagement. Come to this session to learn how innovative services are enabled through the Internet of Things.

Accelerate IoT success with entrance into HPE’s ecosystem and global market presence, T10948 with customer Identidad IoT – Thursday 12:30-13:00, Theater 4

Speaker: Claus Hansen, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, TBD, Denmark;

Stephane Paccaud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, EB SW CMS Products & Solutions, Switzerland

The HPE IoT Partner Program accelerates success for partners and HPE through efficient access to the HPE Universal IoT Platform, introduction to the broader portfolio of Hewlett Packard Enterprise solutions, and the resources and ability to leverage HPE’s global market presence. The HPE IoT Partner Program is open to solution providers who play a role in the IoT ecosystem, including “things” partners, providers of network equipment, independent software vendors (ISVs), app developers and go-to-market partners

Connected planes, trains and automobiles, BB11787 – Thursday 11:00 - 12:00, Capital Suite, Room 13

Speakers: Nigel Upton, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, WW CMS IoT Senior Director, United States

Connected vehicles are rapidly disrupting transportation as we once knew it. Technical advances are rapidly evolving route optimization, entertainment services, performance optimization, service management and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. This session highlights how vehicle manufacturers, operators, repair/ maintenance organizations and service providers are developing next-generation offerings to create more profitable revenue streams.


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