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HPE enables Digital Service Providers at TMF Live! 2017



TMForum Live! 2017 is approaching! This is a major industry event for CSPs, integrating a high caliber conference agenda, 2 exhibition show floors, and TMForum Catalyst showcases. This year’s event is expected to attract over 3,500 attendees. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has an exciting program planned for this year’s TMForum Live! May 15 – 18 in Nice – all details below!


HPE Program at TM Forum Live!

May 15 – 18 | The Acropolis, Nice


Presentations and panels

SDN/NFV Live! Track Sponsor Welcome

Speaker: Domenico Convertino, WW OSS Domain Lead, HPE

Where and when:

SDN/NFV Live! Track

Monday May 15 

09:00 AM CET


SDN/NFV Live! Track HPE Speaker Session

Speaker: Domenico Convertino, WW OSS Domain Lead, HPE

Plan to attend this HPE Speaker session, when Domenico will share views and opinion on

‘EXPERT INSIGHT: OSS for Digital Services: from evolution to revolution’, presenting a new OSS approach for NFV/SDN and Digital Services, enabling Operations efficiency, quality and agility through innovative service modelling, automation and analytics, as well as OSS virtualization.

Where and when:

SDN/NFV Live! Track

Monday May 15 

10:25 AM CET


SDN/NFV Live! Track Panel Session

Speakers for the panel will include Pierre Lavillat, NFV Director Program Manager, HPE

Plan to attend this panel session, when Pierre will share views and opinion on ‘Exploring the role of open source and standards in SDN and NFV’, including:

  • Open Source versus standards?
  • How does Open Source line up with standardization?
  • Is Open Source helping create de facto standards?
  • Open MANO’s role in enabling rapid deployment of NFV services

Where and when:

SDN/NFV Live! Track

Tuesday May 16 

12:15 PM CET


HPE Booth

Demos include:

End to end Hybrid and Digital Services Orchestration

o            Automate closed-loop Service Orchestration and Assurance of Digital Services

o            Accelerate deployment and time to market

o            Benefit from HPE innovation in Service Modelling to enable Agility

SD-WAN Orchestration

o            Fully automate your SD-WAN Service Orchestration

o            Accelerate SD-WAN time to market

o            Drive agility and simplicity in SDN and NFV configurations

NFV Orchestration

o            Virtualize with a proven NFV Orchestrator

o            Speed up your operational processes with closed loop automation ETSI-aligned NFVO

o            Implement multi-tenant orchestration of VNFs

New generation of virtualized OSS

o            Lower costs with a virtualized micro service architecture

o            Orchestrate OSS in NFV environments as a Virtual Management Function

o            Discover OSS elasticity and built-in High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Proactive Assurance solution

o            Gain real-time insight into individual customers’ experience

o            Identify quality issues before they impact your services

o            Automate the detection of new issues and prioritize corrective actions

Fulfillment in action

o            Automate service design, inventory and order orchestration

o            Implement any kind of service, technology and business process

o            Leverage catalog driven orchestration without code or configuration


An interactive Wall will focus on HPE’s OpenNFV program and HPE VNF solutions. 

HPE’s Business Transformation Services Team will be on hand to talk about NFV and OSS Transformation Services.

Where and when:

Booth location: #326 Agora - 3 Expo hall

Monday May 15 – Thursday May 18


This year, there are three Catalysts including HPE solutions demonstrated at TMF Nice:

Real Virtuality - Phase II Video by BT

Beyond Sales: Hierarchical Capability Openness for Better Ecosystem – Phase II Video by China Mobile

Smart BPM - explores the how-to of a Smart BPM suite using as a structured toolset for framing and leading IT and business transformation programs in the CSP context.


TMForum Excellence Awards 2017

HPE Service Director official finalist in the category ‘Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Business Agility’.

Entry title: Achieving Service Agility with HPE innovation for hybrid Service Operations at Swisscom’.

Winner announced during TMForum Live!


More information on HPE OSS Solutions:

HPE OSS innovative solutions for Hybrid and Digital Services

Keep up with all of the HPE TMForum Live! activities by following us at @HPE_CSP.


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