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The telecommunications industry is evolving rapidly. 6.4 Billion connected “things” are expected to be used in 2016, reaching 20.8 billion by 2020*. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are now feeling pressures from escalating network requirements, competition from over-the-top players (OTTs), increased consumer expectations, and eroding core revenue streams. With the emergence of an ever-expanding digital economy, CSPs must adapt to stay competitive. If no action is taken, CSP global revenues will drop by almost 30%, or roughly $300 billion, by 2020**.

By optimizing current connectivity offers and creating value from new, innovative operating models and service offers, CSPs can leverage their strengths and become Digital Service Providers. To get there, CSPs need an operating model and architecture that delivers a programmable infrastructure, automated operations and on-demand services. An operating model and architecture that provides these capabilities is a Telco Cloud. 

Estimated to contribute new revenues of 10.5%**, a Telco Cloud provides a blueprint for CSPs to think beyond the box. A Telco Cloud is built with a programmable network, common orchestration, policy, analytics & control, and flexible service platforms. Together, these building blocks provide CSPs the engine for a new, service-centric operating model and the core of a new approach to delivering digital services.

But new approaches require new solutions, new competencies, new partners – something CSPs are looking outside their standard vendor Rolodex to fulfill.  A vendor with the right mix of IT and telecom experience is in order to pursue Telco Cloud opportunities. HPE’s expertise in IT and Cloud, evident by the 3,000+ Helion customers, is well-documented. But lesser known is our telecom experience. In early 2016, we shared our Communications Solutions Heritage illustrating telecommunications solutions dating back to the 1930s.

Propelled by network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN), a programmable network delivers on-demand network functions that are flexible and scalable. HPE has helped CSPs implement NFV deployments and is actively involved in over 80 proofs-of-concept engagements.

Management and network orchestration (MANO) and operations support systems (OSS) are key technology enablers of a common orchestration, policy, analytics & control framework. HPE MANO and OSS solutions have been utilized to improve operations for global carriers including:

  • Vodafone India - 46% reduction in customer complaints
  • Telefonica Vivo, Brazil - 69% reduction in service activation cost
  • Optus Australia - 30% reduction in call handling time

Effective and efficient leverage of subscriber data is a hallmark of a Telco Cloud architecture. HPE subscriber data management (SDM), telecom analytics, mediation policy and charging, digital ad-insertion and IoT solutions (HPE Universal IoT platform) enable CSPs to gain actionable customer insights, usage and preferences to enable monetization of enriched services, and target promotions and campaigns. HPE has a history of helping CSPs leverage data for positive business outcomes including:

  • Rogers Canada - 26% subscriber growth and 17% year-over-year growth

The telecommunications evolution in creating challenges for CSPs, but also bringing exciting opportunities to innovate. HPE understands both where CSPs have been and where they need to go and has the capacity to help get them there. We invite you to make history with HPE and join us as we accelerate the journey to the new business of the network.

* Gartner Report

**STL Partners Telco Cloud: Translating New Capabilities Into New Revenue 


Want to learn more? Visit us at our HPE websites below, and follow us on Twitter at @HPE_NFV and @HPE_CSP.

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