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Highlights from ETSI NFV#12


First of all, the location was amazing !! we really have to thank Verizon for picking such a beautiful place with an incredible view on Manhattan skyline


ETSI NFV#12 has been hosted by Verizon just across from Manhattan. Steady attendance with 222 people, 4 from HPE (Barak Perlman, Marc Flauw, Prodip Sen and myself) and a significant number of contributions again this time, with a total of 541, but a bit less than in latest events as we get to closure on a number of Work Items. Marc Flauw from HPE was awarded best contributor for his work on information model. ETSI NFV Report specification, "SDN Usage in an NFV architectural framework" that I was leading, is now completed and publication was approved. I will present this work in an ETSI public webinar on Dec 8th. HPE proposal for further work on Intent based interface, and Information model were set high priority by the steering committee, so more to come in the coming months. ETSI NFV is on track to complete Phase#2 deliverables and planning for phase#3. A multi SDO (Standard organization) workshop is planned in January to discuss Information Model alignment. All ETSI NFV work in progress is publically available on

The 1st day, ETSI conducted Tutorials on the work in progress in the NFV ISG, covering each Working Group, and 2 topics in particular: acceleration and SDN-NFV. The tutorial was a remake of the SDN-World Congress tutorial we delivered in Dusseldorf. Most working group chairs presented an overview of the deliverables in their team,
and I presented EVE005, the SDN-NFV specification that is now completed. All tutorials are being
made available on the ETSI portal. My presentation is available on:

This was followed by the Verizon workshop. Verizon shared their plan to transition all NFs to VNFs. Claimed to have an EOL planned to all their appliances and move to virtual environment. Verizon highlighted that the 1st services they plan to virtualize is VPN, work in progress. The head of SDN-NFV listed the hot topics they see in this area, incl:
 security
 lack of alignment across SDO and between standards and open source
 Lack of an NFV Mano solution incl SDN & NFV
 performance and scalability being addressed
 addressing brown fields
Verizon passed a strong message that NFV & SDN were key to their business, that they were fully
committed to this topic and supporting ETSI NFV. These comments raised my interest and follow discussions occured !

The rest of the week was plenary to discuss general matters and working group meetings to progress the work.

5 specifications reached completion and should be published soon:

- EVE005: EVE005 "SDN usage in NFV Report" => I am particularly glad that this
specification that I was driving is now being finalized and published :-)
- IFA001: IFA001 "Acceleration 1 - UCs report"
- SEC009: SEC009 "UCs for multi-layer host admin"
- REL005 "Quality Accountability Framework"
- EVE003:Report

Next meetings:
 Interim meeting week Dec 1st – Sophia Antipolis – Information model workshop preparation
 Multi SDO Information Model workshop – Jan 13-14 – Colorado
 NFV#13 – Feb 16-19, Dublin
 NFV#14 – May 3-6, Atlanta
 NFV#15 – tbc
 NFV#16 – Dec 2016 - Sophia Antipolis

The Leadership team was happy to conclude the week with good progress and more work to come !


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