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Horizontal IoT Data and the Internet of Things Platform



Author: Brenton MacDonald, Marketing Lead for CMS/CSB IoT / GCP at HPE

There is no doubt in anybody’s minds that the Internet of Things (IoT) will be a seismic shift in how we interact with technology. Massive change will sweep through all industries, again, and just as mobile communications and the Internet did before - business models will evolve rapidly, with new services and offerings already becoming available.

In the ‘Horizontal IoT Data and the Internet of Things Platform’ podcast, Nigel Upton, General Manager of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) IoT platform and Global Connectivity Platform, will share what HPE has learned from the more complex IoT deployments. Specific industries are discussed each requiring different sets of services and where all the elements of the IoT value chain need to be brought together.

While no one company can supply all the elements of a complex and high value IoT deployment, Nigel will describe how HPE is uniquely positioned to deliver the complete value chain - sensors, networks, enablement platform, security, analytics and services - leveraging its own technology and those from partners. In this podcast, Nigel will also share how these capabilities are brought together to build out the required micro services and end-user IoT offerings that are unique to each industry and share HPE’s learnings from complex IoT deployments.

About the Presenter


Nigel Upton
Worldwide Director & General Manager, IoT/GCP
Communications & Media Solutions
Communications Solutions Business
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

 Podcast takeaways:

  1. How digitizing the entire value chain requires a common horizontal data model.
  2. The top five areas to consider when choosing your Internet of Things platform.
  3. The difference between vertical data flow and horizontal data flow.
  4. What’s going to thin out the 300+ IoT platforms out there.
  5. The application development environment for building product micro services.
  6. HPE Universal IoT Platform allows for improved business efficiencies, higher productivity, new revenue streams, fast TTM, and faster innovation cycles
  7. HPE Universal IoT Platform provides service/product differentiation
  8. The max price point per device that you should be paying when leasing an IoT platform.
  9. Factors to consider when marrying an analytics platform to an IoT platform.


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