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How much time are your retail wireless store associates NOT spending with your customers?


In a study of the full-service wireless purchase experience, J.D. Power found that “satisfaction improves notably regarding the promptness in speaking with a sales representative and timeliness of completing the transaction.” In other words, if you can expedite the transaction with just one customer, they'll be happier; the person behind them in line will stick around to complete their purchase, and the guy browsing the phone display will get his questions answered in a timely manner, which may keep him from checking out your competitor on the other side of the mall.


By speeding up the account opening process, retail associates can service more customers more efficiently while improving their in-store experience. The HP Account Opening Accelerator for CME helps CSPs deliver efficient more streamlined service in the critical beginning stages of a new customer interaction. The solution automates and digitizes the manual, paper-based account opening process helping to: 

  • shorten cycle times and improve the customer experience
  • lower costs associated with paper consumption and storage
  • reduce errors associated with manual data input

For example, using the HP solution, a retail associate simply captures the customer’s information and signed contract using an enterprise-ready tablet, such as the HP ElitePad, and solution-enabled HP MFP or scanner, which digitally archives the data. This electronic record is then accessible to other retail locations, marketing and customer service departments, and call centers, making future retrieval much easier. Meanwhile, customers can leave the store with a printed copy of their contract in hand or choose to receive their copy via email, the web, standard mail, or another channel—all with the assurance that their personal information is stored securely and accurately.


Learn how the HP Account Opening Accelerator for CME can help digitize paper-based processes and free up your retail associates to spend more time with your customers.



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