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How to use SDN with ETSI NFV architecture ?


If you missed my presentation at the SDN World Congress this week, here it is !
It gives a summary of the ETSI NFV specification that analyzes the use of SDN within an NFV environment. We picked the ITU model of Network resources, SDN controller and SDN applications and mapped those elements to the ETSI NFV architecture. Then we studied some design patterns, typical design of a network architecture with SDN and NFV, many different models. We also described SDN hierarchy and federation and collected lessons learnt from ETSI NFV POC using SDN and NFV. Finally we looked into few specific use cases such as Transport Network, or vCPE, but also policy. and last we looked into opensource SDN controller. We ended up with 35 recommendations that we are reviewing now in ETSI NFV to decide upon next steps. Comments welcome !

And if you want to see real life implementations, go and see HP NFV POC #34 and #38 in the POC Zone on site in Dusselfdorf this week !!

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Jan 30-31, 2018
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