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Improve your margins - Part I


MA.pngAny business can be improved by monitoring, identifying, resolving, and preventing leakages in its value chains.

Continuously monitoring margins results from modeling the math behind a specific scenario—analyzing revenues, measuring costs, and assessing the nature of leakages. It also enables improved control over value chains.

Financial assurance defines a new set of analytical tools and processes focused on frauds, revenue leakages and margin losses.

Frost & Sullivan in its Stratecast defines Margin Assurance as a new discipline to develop analytics that give DSPs additional tools, outside of traditional Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management


Telecommunication business context and evolution

Everybody and everything on-line «living» an on-demand personalized experience

The digital services provider (DSP) market is changing, and it’s becoming more challenging every day. Many margin pressure factors are emerging. Some are due to the telecommunication market evolution, such as standard services usage reduction including SMS, MMS, and VAS; over-the-top (OTT) margins erosion, including VoIP, chat services, and apps; miscalculated initiatives; and all-you-can-eat tariff plans. Further pressures come from regulatory laws—for example, in the European Union, roaming extra charges will be reduced to zero by 2017. And new emerging organic services, like the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine, lead to new potential frauds and margin pressures—depicting an even worse scenario.

The Margin Assurance process, complementary to revenue assurance and fraud management processes, enables telecom operators to measure margin from different perspectives and to investigate root-causes for financial and business processes improvements.


Learn from the experts:

Attend at HPE Telecom Analytics and Fraud Prevention User Forum 2016

On May 27 at 11:30 am you will discover more about Margin Assurance discipline from HPE Solution Consulting Services experts. Andrea Melissano and Daniele Cellai will present with real use cases, process implementation suggestions and insights to understand margin assurance benefits by using HPE Solutions.


Want to read more? Check out Part 2 to discover how margin Assurance adds value

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