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Improve your margins - Part III



Margin Assurance process

The Margin Assurance discipline reconciles costs and revenues associated with subscribers, services, and tariff plans including data from the sales chain. The process can be broken down into the following building blocks:





Margin Assurance design

  • Data source assessment (OSS/BSS)
  • Errors in data sources identified, such as inaccurate or late any charging Detail Records (xDR)
  • Data source federation models creation
  • Margin models definition

Margin Assurance control

  • Continuous data sources integration across OSS/BSS
  • Automated data analysis provided with trends and alarm generation
  • Multidimensional margin results reporting
    • Alarms reports
    • Real-time data reports
    • On-demand data reports
  • Mitigation actions and feedback on revenue generation streams

Margin Assurance design

First things first, DSPs must identify the main data providers that provides revenues, and cost components to setup the margin model. It is essential in this phase to design a strong data integration layer across OSS/BSS, also capable of mitigating source errors. It is also crucial to create margin models tailored to the peculiar business value chains. Such models need to be periodically reviewed to assure perfect alignment with always-changing business requirements.

Margin Assurance control defines an automated recurrent procedure for continuous monitoring of margin levels with rule-based alarms and advanced reporting. Control activities involve human analysts for deep-dive investigations on top of margin erosion drivers.

The Margin Assurance process carries measurable margin optimization, providing your organization with a tangible increase of revenue and practical costs reduction.


Margin Assurance process using the eTOM Business Process Framework reference.


Fraud department takes the lead

It is recommended that the fraud department adopt and lead the Margin Assurance practice, primarily because it has already access to a vast collection of enterprise-wide data silos. Furthermore, the department already has strong methodological and technical analytical capabilities that will help setup faster processes around this emerging discipline.

Soon it will be capable of releasing highly actionable margin investigation data that marketing, finance, and other departments can consume.

Moreover, to optimize the fraud department’s efficiency, it’s crucial to implement the Margin Assurance process with an industrialized approach—along with the right technical and people capabilities, to automatically produce margin reports and easily incorporate new Margin Assurance requirements.


Learn from the experts:

Attend at HPE Telecom Analytics and Fraud Prevention User Forum 2016

On May 27 at 11:30 am you will discover more about Margin Assurance discipline from HPE Solution Consulting Services experts. Andrea Melissano and Daniele Cellai will present with real use cases, process implementation suggestions and insights to understand margin assurance benefits by using HPE Solutions.


Want to read more? Catch Part I of this blog peice here and learn about the Margin assurance defintion and Telecomunication business context, in the Part II here read about the added values.

Download the HPE solution overview on Margin assurance from this link

Learn more at:

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