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Industry change is non-stop! With it, comes opportunity of new business revenues with Smart Ad...


With the exponential growth of technology, we’re seeing the decline in standard advertising mediums such as print and radio. According to the Wall Street Journal’s Steven Perlberg, “Mobile advertising will make up nearly 10% of the US ad market by the end of the year, surpassing newspapers, magazines, and radio for the first time.


I already see it happening on my mobile phone, when downloading the weather state to make sure my children can go out with our without their coat this morning (in case I should still have influence on it!)… When opening the app, I first get an ad about the last teenager’s brand of wears I went through for my 14th years-old boy birthday… you might have a lot of other examples in mind, right?


But to whom does ad revenues go? To my communication service provider? The answer seems to be not yet…


The numbers behind mobile advertising are staggering; valued at $13B in 2014 and expected to quadruple to $62B by 2017 (Source: eMarketer, August 2013). Mobile advertising is just a subset of the greater digital advertising spend currently valued at $132B in 2014, expected to reach $173B by 2017. If these numbers aren’t convincing enough, 70% of this digital advertising market is currently being captured by only FOUR OTT players. And, ironically, Service providers are providing the infrastructure that support this, through connectivity of smartphones, tablets and laptops, but are not reaping the rewards of this growing market.


And now… the opportunity! Driving new CSP revenues with Smart Ads

HP Smart Advertising through API Management offers our CSP customers the tools they need to tap into this rapidly growing market. Smart Advertising provides the ability to deliver a series of targeted ads to chosen users, on selective devices, at optimal times. *The price charged for a ‘Smarter’ Advertisement (leveraging context, profile, location or session awareness) can increase 3x-6x per ad view; meaning more ad revenue for CSPs, developers, and more relevant ads delivered to end users. The HP API Management suite helps CSP customers deliver Smart Ads through exciting use cases like Smart Portals, Smart In-App Ads and Smart Shopping.


*Source: The Fuld Company


To read more about the solution, click here!


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About the Author


Marie-Sophie Masselot is bringing her thought leadership in business transformation in the telecom arena, thanks to her latest role as the marketing lead for the HPE IoT Platform and Digital Services. She is coming with a technical background as computer sciences engineer, having held different positions from software development through supply chain or sales support in telecom companies.

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