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Innovating for VoD Content aggregation and EPG publishing



Author:  Guy de Torcy, HPE CMS Digital Video Services

I want to share with you new and exciting solutions coming from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) for Video On Demand (VoD) Management that  enable you the operator to make a difference on the market.

When it comes to VoD, companies often miss revenues due to late time to market with VoD content. The root cause of the problem is in building the content, not only because it takes lot of time, but also because of the operational costs. Content management processes such as check-in, enrichment, transcoding, and close captioning are generally manual tasks. Integrating the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data into existing IPTV offerings is another heavy task and also generates high operational costs. In addition these operations are complex. Operators need to aggregate the EPG with the VoD library information for ease-of-use by end users. And again there are additional operational costs… It’s the brutal reality of production.

Despite such a complex environment, HPE Customers are able to increase their productivity by up to 40%!

  • HPE Customers have the unique ability to manage content aggregation needs, including cataloguing, metadata enrichment and transcoding more efficiently. HPE enables the easy aggregation of metadata and EPG generation and publishing, thereby facilitating the creation of a new revenue stream by launching a VoD Service.
  • HPE maximizes margins on content by decreasing Time To Market (TTM) while making content available sooner to end users.
  • HPE customers lower operational costs through the implementation of a world class Open Source architecture, enabling customers to both use existing tools, such as transcoders, and add new ones as needed.


All Media Companies, and specifically IPTV, OTT operators, Teleports, and DTH Companies which have VoD offerings or projects will benefit from a closer look at the specific HPE solutions to manage content more efficiently.  

Are you going to IBC Exhibition 2016? Come and visit us! - Hall #15 HPE Lounge Stand #MS21. 

To learn more and book a time with one of our experts: click here.

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