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IoT to drive NFV adoption



The Internet of Things is creating significant opportunities for service providers as billions of new devices connect to the Internet everyday. With the advent of IoT, Service Providers have the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams by launching new service offerings to end-consumers, industries and municipalities. The explosion of data and connected devices is truly driving new requirements for how networks are built and operated. In order to keep pace, networks must be developed to securely connect and manage millions of IoT elements, enable real-time customer awareness, dynamically shift workloads, and customize network service delivery. Providing the backbone to connect billions of geographically-dispersed devices, Service Providers recognize that the network is a critical enabler of a successful IoT implementation.

In our recent whitepaper, HPE explores how technologies likes SDN and NFV enable network service customization to meet these emerging IoT requirements. Furthermore, HPE describes how Service Providers can leverage these technologies to build intelligent networks that can throttle traffic, secure traffic transit to the IoT gateway, and provide analytics to help optimize service delivery and reduce latency. In this white paper you will gain insight into:

  • Service Provider Opportunities for IoT
  • Requirements for IoT Platforms
  • Building Networks for IoT
  • Leveraging SDN & NFV technologies for IoT
  • HPE IoT Value Proposition

Read our full whitepaper to find out how to best leverage NFV to support IoT deployments and how HPE is uniquely positioned to help integrate technologies to deliver actionable insights and business outcomes for your IoT journey.

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