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Is a shift coming for Headends?





Author: Guy de Torcy, HPE CMS Digital Video Services

Headends use video transcoding devices (hardware and proprietary software solutions) to manage the numerous formats and to adapt the outputs to the needs of the consumers. However, their configurations call today for a radical change due to critical operating limitations:

  • High operational costs and delays from manual processes to provision new video streams
  • Lack of failover capability, again due to manual processes and a dedicated infrastructure per channel
  • Vendor lock-in of proprietary software creating high operational costs
  • Difficulties for the migration to open-source platforms, the support of standardized operations and the launch of new features
  • Lost productivity deploying software and hardware upgrades

The exceptional level of expertise in Cloud and Virtualization technologies within HPE enables this critical shift to happen. Major players are adopting HPE solutions to gain a pivotal competitive advantage and get ahead of the pack. With HPE solutions for Headends, customers overtake their competition by using a truly agnostic environment and open-source software solutions. This enables them to decrease OPEX and CAPEX costs and to develop new services and channels more efficiently.

The distinctive HPE approach enables operators to not only reduce costs, but develop a new business model with Channels as a Service. 

Come and visit HPE at the IBC Expo 2016 (Amsterdam), and discover the unique benefits of the HPE solutions:

  • New channels deployment in a cloud environment - launch in no time!
  • Provisioning and de-provisioning is done in seconds not days
  • Quick and automatic failover channels
  • Standardized equipment
  • Simplified Headend management


Hewlett Packard Enterprise – IBC Exhibition 2016 - Hall #15 HPE Lounge Stand #MS21

To learn more and book a time with one of our experts: click here.

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