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It’s getting cloudy in Barcelona: HPE takes the Telco Cloud to MWC


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We are taking HPE’s Communications Solutions Business to Fira Gran Vi, Barcelona! Please join us at Mobile World Congress  - the world’s largest annual gathering for the mobile industry - February 22nd – 25th to experience the journey to the Telco Cloud.

 Our Booth Hall 3, 3A20, will have many opportunities to engage with the solutions, partners, customers, and HPE executives who are motivating the CSP transformation to more agile, flexible, innovative networks and operations.  For those of you looking for some guidance on how to prepare the journey to suit your network, IT and objectives, we urge you to come to the booth for a private sneak peek into our transformation workshops. Transformation Workshops, are available Monday, 22 February through Thursday, 25 February during exhibition hours. Registration is required. Here is a sample of the solutions available in the booth:


Transformation Walls                                                               

Connected Car Demo, Demo ID: Wall 1

The automotive sector provides an example of how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is accelerating the path to IoT data monetization. See the new HPE Connected Car solution in action! HPE offers one-stop shopping for multinational enterprises seeking to deploy their automotive IoT offerings in multiple countries and regions.

Remote Visual Guidance, Demo ID: Wall 2

Transform your field operations with hands-free, smart glass technology to maintain equipment and get remote expert advice.

ETSI NFV PoC 38 - Telstra vCPE, Demo ID: Wall 3

Come see PoC #38 in action, which uses orchestration via a self-serve portal the creation of overlay networks, using SDN across existing networks and instantiating a variety of network services on those networks creating an end-to-end service. This PoC shows how a CSP’s customers can use self-service to easily add new services or sites by taking advantage of the orchestration, virtualization and service chaining capabilities offered by NFV & SDN.

‘The Journey to the Telco Cloud’, Demo ID: Wall 4

HPE enables CSPs to transform their operations and infrastructure and: create agile networks, gain insights from network data and move into new business models.  The Journey to the Telco Cloud wall will illustrate this transformation and highlight how we leverage our experience in IT and cloud with our carrier network expertise to deliver these benefits: helping CSPs realize the new business of the network.

Smart Venues, Demo ID: Wall 5   

Transform your venue with the next generation of personalized, contextually aware digital user experiences.



HPE IoT Partner Program, Demo ID: D1

Visit this demo to learn how Ericsson and HPE have joined forces in the Business Analytics space to help you to grow your business in both Mobile and Fiber broadband. This offering will help you transform in order to adhere to information-based B2B, B2B2C business models and launch new and compelling mobile- and cloud-based services. The proposed platform is supportive to strategic initiatives for new service delivery models and business services such as IoT, M2M, data and Information trading. The technology underpinning this is based on a Big Data Powered BI platform which improves data discovery, source consolidation and data correlation. The solution will enable faster and easier consumption via an improved accessibility but foremost via its cost effective delivery model. The platform is open and flexible for expansion and at the same time it also has multiple “use cases” built in where knowledge and experience is openly shared. Come and visit the booth to get more insight and information of this groundbreaking initiative.

Big Data Platform– Vertica/IDOL onDemand, Demo ID: D2

HPE Haven OnDemand is a self-service platform to power a new generation of applications through Machine Learning APIs and Services that allow developers and businesses to analyze anything, anywhere. With more than 60 APIs, you can build data rich applications and perform analytics faster than ever before using the powerful text analysis, speech recognition, image analysis, prediction, indexing and search APIs. Add advanced capabilities such as natural language processing, machine learning, cognitive computing, and predictive analytics to your application with minimal coding and effort. Crawl, index and analyze data from enterprise file systems, DropBox, and the web. Analyze and extract insights from documents, text, audio, video, and image files, or build your own prediction and recommendation engines. By combining APIs you’ll be able to create powerful data transformation and enrichment workflows. Come to our booth to learn more. Developers should sign-up on today to get an API key with free monthly quota.

Advanced machine data analysis, Demo ID:D3

With technology created by HPE Labs and built upon a Vertica database, HPE Operations Analytics is the industry's most advanced operational intelligence solution. Our holistic platform helps companies shift to the New Style of IT, focusing on analytics, not statistics. We will highlight how users can import multiple data types, including mobile, to proactively manage their operational performance. Learn now to pinpoint root cause, predict future performance, and prevent problems from ever occurring -- in under 60 seconds!

Next Generation SDM, Demo ID: D4

Be ready for the future:  learn about how the new age of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Subscriber Data Management solutions addresses the requirements of NFV and heterogeneous network environments. 

IoT for Smart Cities, Demo ID: D5

Visit this demo and see how the city of the future needs to accommodate a growing population of workers, young and old, without sacrificing ease of transportation, acceptable commuting times, or aesthetic appeal. HPE helps transform cities to be more efficient, agile and resilient, helping them improve quality of life, drive economic growth and create sustainable communities that are ready for an ever-changing future.

Telecom Analytics Use Cases, Demo ID: D6

Learn about HPE Telecom Analytics' personalized services, which improve customer satisfaction, create new revenue streams, and optimize IT and network investments.

Virtual Subscriber Data Management, Demo ID: D7

Visit this demo to learn about the future of highly available and massively scalable infrastructure for your core network.   This is a live demonstration featuring a potential HPE virtual NonStop environment with x86 COTS hardware.  Exciting to see and hands-on touch including virtual network core functions of HPE I-HSS and INS.

Data Security, Demo ID: D8

HPE Security – Data Security helps organizations neutralize data breaches.  If sensitive data is lost or stolen, data is rendered useless.  See next generation technologies leveraging format preserving encryption (FPE) and tokenization to keep sensitive information safe.


Enterprise Security Products – Fortify/Arcsight, Demo ID: D9

Mobile applications are an easy target for hackers. Learn how HPE Security Fortify can help protect your mobile applications with comprehensive software security available on-premise or on-demand. Scan your applications during development to identify critical flaws and pinpoint coding weaknesses. Before release conduct a thorough technology stack audit to observe how the app behaves in a real-world situation.

Cloud 28+, Demo ID: D10

Visit this demo at Mobile World Congress to learn about Cloud28+ - its community, its members, and how to use Cloud28+ to grow your business in Europe by partnering with other members and promoting your offerings to customers. You will see the Cloud28+ catalogue, released in December 2015, which offers to cloud consumers more than 700 cloud services tailored for European customers.

Mobile Edge Computing, Demo ID: D11

HPE Servers is bringing high density computing to the network edge by designing new servers specifically for Telco workloads like virtual RAN, IoT and Mobile Edge Computing applications.  Stop by the HPE booth to talk with experts and to see a live vRAN demo running on an Intel Broadwell DE solution. 

25GbE, The new standard, Demo ID: D12

Keeping CSP Subscribers happy in the new NFV environment requires making sure there is the proper bandwidth and data packet processing throughput within the NFV Infrastructure layer. HPE Servers is working with leading NIC partners to ensure the NFVI layer has the high packet processing throughput with DPDK.  Stop by the HPE booth to talk with our HPE experts and to view a live demo. 

Nokia Mobile Core on HPE NFV, Demo ID: D13

Visit this demo to see how Nokia's Mobile Cloud Core is running on an HPE NFV System infrastructure solution. Combining Nokia's Cloud Application Manager and HPE's Helion OpenStack Carrier Grade gives you the flexibility, agility, and reliability that innovative operators demand all in one proven, integrated solution with end-to-end support. Nokia and HPE NFV experts are available to tell you more about this Nokia-HPE NFV collaboration and help you with any questions.

T-OVEN NFV Orchestration, Demo ID: D14

Do you know how to cook a virtualized network? T-OVEN is a real-world implementation of end-to-end Virtualized LTE Network Service interworking Multi-Vendor for Heterogeneous NFVI, VNF, and SDN.  SKT is an HPE OpenNFV Partner and T-OVEN includes HPE orchestration technology.   Visit this demo to learn how T-OVEN provides web-based orchestration portal reflecting MNO-specific operational requirements.

SDN-Enabled Mobile Packet Core, Demo ID: D15

The currently deployed PDN and Serving Gateway elements in the Mobile Core are responsible for both mobility control and packet/user plane forwarding functions. Since the design of the original EPC architecture, both traffic and the number of devices have exploded, straining these elements. Come see a multi-vendor, all software implementation of a fully virtualized end-to-end 4G network that includes Cloud RAN and uses SDN to split 3GPP EPC gateway functions across a centralized S/P-GW- Control and distributed S/P-GW-User Plane functions. This implementation enables independent scaling of signaling and user plane capacity, and new capabilities such as augmented reality at the mobile edge.

NFV in a box: HPE NFV System, Demo ID: D16

Come see the HPE NFV System 2.0 in action.  HPE NFV System is a complete NFV Platform containing all the hardware and software you need to install and run Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) in your production network.  This live demo showcases predictable performance, resiliency and manageability, along with VNF lifecycle management.   The use-cases include migration of controller services during controller failures, detection and host evacuation for compute node failures, VM restart in the event of VM failures, all in sub-second timeframes. In addition, VNF lifecycle management showcases an easy-to-use VNF on-boarding tool and quick deployment.

OSS for NFV Management, Demo ID: D17

See the new HPE Service Director solution in action! Learn about the latest HPE R&D innovations in service modeling and HPE's global approach to service operations that drive service agility in hybrid physical and virtualized environments. Learn about key NFV management and orchestration use cases featuring the HPE NFV Director solution.

Swisscom BNS, Demo ID: D18

Come see how HPE's Converged Infrastructure supporting Openstack and HPE's Orchestrator has enabled Swisscom to successfully virtualize network functions for business customers, with support for high availability and cost efficient service delivery within minutes.


Partner Showcase

See our expansive, open ecosystem of partners and their VNFs in action. In the showcase, you’ll explore our OpenNFV Solution Portal – 60+ application partners are testing their VNFs in our five worldwide labs – and experience 15 partner solution demonstrations. Booth 5F31, Hall 5


Immersive Experiences

Mobile Applications-Building, Demo ID: C1

Awaken a force that helps you build memorable digital user experiences based on extensive real-world testing and user insights. You can maintain quality across mobile, web, and desktop apps by reusing your exploratory testing scripts as cross platform automated ones. Learn how to deliver the best mobile app that perform well across all three layers: front end, middle tier and back end.

Mobile Applications –Monitoring, Demo ID: C2

Can you feel the dark side of your mobile apps? Your users do – they’re quick to delete slow-performing, crashing applications. When it comes to mobile app monitoring, you want a mobile APM solution that lets you know the dark side from your user’s perspective. Learn about digital user experience management that helps you isolate mobile app problems from the user action, to the network, and down to the line of code.

Mobile Applications- Optimizing, Demo ID: C3

The force of Big Data analytics can help you to continuously improve the digital user experience. Isolate mobile app issues to resolve defects faster and earlier through modern delivery processes. Optimize your user’s experience based on actionable insights from Big Data analytics. Learn how to prioritize development efforts based on what matters to the user – performance, stability, user flow. Then optimize your testing efforts (device matrix, test cases) based on realistic usage.

Network Management Center NNMI/MA, Demo ID: C4

Your network is your business.  The proliferation of virtualization technologies and the evolution within enterprise IT from a physical to a hybrid infrastructure is creating network management complexity.    See for yourself how HPE Network Node Manager i software gives network managers the visibility into virtualized devices and topologies to help them ensure that their devices are connected, configured, and performing as expected.


Virtual Racks

3D HPE NFV System Experience, Demo ID: R1

Learn about pretested, ready to deploy NFV solutions from HPE. Come with us on a journey to NFV to see how to transform your operations and infrastructure to create agile networks and services. Find out more about the HPE OpenNFV program and interact with a 3D model of our HPE NFV System: a proven, pre-integrated NFV hardware and software platform.


Future of Data Center IT, Demo ID: R2

Visit this demo in the HPE space to learn about HPE Synergy, the first of a new category called Composable Infrastructure, HP’s vision for a new class of infrastructure to service both traditional IT and the New Style of Business.



We look forward to seeing you at Mobile World Congress Fira Gran Via, Barcelona to experience the journey to the Telco Cloud. For a full description of the solutions in our booth, please visit our HPE website.

  • Watch our what’s coming at MWC
  • Schedule a booth tour - There is a lot to see at MWC, so customized solution tours are available at the reception desk in the booth.
  • Register for a Transformation Workshop
  • Join the conversation at @HPE_NFV and @HPE_CSP, and follow the #MWC16 hashtag.


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