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Leading communication service providers to a 5G future


At Mobile World Congress (MWC), communication service providers can explore how is establishing the groundwork for a successful transition to 5G—enabling CSPs to achieve operational efficiencies, monetize their investment in 5G infrastructure, and deliver improved user experiences. Visit the HPE booth #3E11 to learn how these partnerships can benefit your business.


5G network functions: co-existence with 3G/4G subscriber data management evolution to 5G architecture

Since the transformation to 5G won’t occur over night, service providers must figure out ways for their new 5G networks to coexist and function harmoniously with their 3G and 4G networks. This demo examines core 5G network functions, including unified data repository (UDR), authentication server function (AUSF), network exposure function (NEF), unified data management (UDM), and addresses design and functional specifications such as compatibility with older-generation architectures.


5G IT-ification: 5G as the inflection point for the radical adoption of IT practices by telecom providers

5G cloud-native service-based architecture (SbA) drives the adoption of open source, containerization, and the DevOps processes that are critical in the evolution of carrier networks. This demo focuses on data-sharing aspects that enable SbA by showcasing a shared data environment (SDE) that was implemented and proven at Deutsche Telekom.


Digital identity: connecting devices with lives

Every end user is connected to an average of 3 to 5 devices, making cross-device service experience dependent on identity-sharing mechanisms. Service providers play the critical role of enabling a common secure identity across devices and services. With the HPE Device Enablement Gateway running in the background, a service provider can deliver a seamless user experience—across all devices, regardless of brands. This demo showcases market-leading solutions for digital identity, device enablement, and entitlement and provisioning for SIM/eSIM and SIM-less devices.


Intelligent service assurance predicting problems in networks and services and proactively resolving them 24x7

With service providers introducing new services and moving from hardware-based to software-based networks, manually managing infrastructure has become too complex and dynamic. This demo will showcase how HPE Intelligent Assurance combines machine learning-based intelligence with rules-based remediation to predict issues within networks and support proactive remediation 24x7.


ML-based intelligence predicting what customers are likely to buy next

If service providers can effectively leverage the data they have on their subscribers,  they can determine what end customers are likely to buy next, thereby increasing their revenue and margins. This demo highlights how intelligent customer monetization—HPE’s solution that uses machine learning—can predict a customer’s propensity to buy new offerings.


Interactive TV analytical audience engagement

See how HPE Analytics News Gathering, a homegrown solution for user and engagement analytics, effectively increases interactivity and engagement with end customers. Service providers can leverage this full array of solutions to target and stream the right content to the right audience by effectively predicting and learning what customers are interested in.


One-click intent-based service orchestration

HPE Service Director enables service providers to sell network slices with highly specific low-latency guarantees. This demo profiles a real-world example of how an HPE service provider partner has effectively monetized 5G with new on-demand services and automated orchestration across their multidomain, multivendor 5G infrastructure.


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