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Meeting 21st Century Network Traffic Demands



Customer data traffic is exploding, demanding that today’s service providers fundamentally rethink their approaches to building data centers. Traditional data center network traffic and communication paradigms simply can’t handle today’s traffic reality or provide the flexibility they need to adapt to changing demands and service delivery conditions. Service providers are therefore turning to software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technologies to help increase network scalability while enabling faster provisioning of network services.

A new solution brief from Intel examines how a combination of Brocade software networking products, the HPE Helion Platform (including HPE Helion OpenStack and Helion Stackato), and Brocade vRouter enables high performance, intra-data center networking without the requirement of expensive, higher layer networking functionality in situations where routing, firewalling, and VPN connectivity are required.

Brocade, HPE, and Intel have developed industry-leading NFV solutions for service providers and enterprises that want to achieve greater agility through automation of their networks. By changing the fundamental economics of existing networking and data center approaches, these solutions offer carrier-class performance and reliability that telcos, cloud service providers, and enterprises can use to provide connectivity between hybrid clouds, private clouds, and services for in-cloud networks.

The solution brief provides details on each partner’s contribution to the solution:

  • Brocade’s extensive vRouter and OpenStack Tacker based VNF Manager capabilities that provide the flexibility and interoperability required to bridge on-premises assets (physical and virtual) with resources in the public cloud or virtual private clouds.
  • HPE provides the HPE Helion Platform (including HPE Helion OpenStack and Helion Stackato), along with its OpenNFV Partner Program for network equipment providers, independent software vendors, and system integrators which provides a rich, vibrant, and open ecosystem of validated VNF solutions.
  • Intel, a key contributor to the HPE NFVi Platform and HPE OpenNFV Lab testing, leads network transformation through open-source, open-standard technologies that form the foundation of a flexible approach to SDN and NFV.

Read the brief to learn more, and also experience Brocade’s demo “HPE/Intel OpenNFV Ecosystem Webinar Featuring Brocade: NFV Orchestration with OpenStack Tacker.” Attendees will learn about the capabilities and flexibility of Tacker and how it can be used in conjunction with OpenStack as an effective platform for NFV and not only as a general workload virtualization platform.


Visit us at our HPE website, and follow us on Twitter at @HPE_NFV and @HPE_CSP.

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