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#NFV, Converting a POC into a Production Grade Solution


In NFV land, we’ve seen lots of activity which is all together encouraging and exciting. To date the industry is still in the early days, and PoCs have been plentiful. But as we move to the next stages, how does one convert a PoC into a production grade solution?


Here at HP, we’ve been involved in dozens of PoCs within our OpenNFV program, as well as involvement with the ETSI PoC program.  HP has also taken a leadership position in NFV within ETSI and other standards development organizations, by chairing key committees, serving on boards, or making significant contributions. HP is now the single largest contributor to the OpenSource community.  The industry now waits as Carriers and Vendors alike move forward into the early days of deployment. Having been in the telco industry for several decades, I can imagine the amount of planning, testing, and due diligence involved in the launch of this new architecture. Particularly interesting if a bit un-nerving is the movement toward COTS technologies (namely virtualization and Cloud). How can the telco make the shift into technologies that are not well understood in their culture nor heavily deployed in their engineering networks?


Here at HP we intend to contribute to the success of NFV by leveraging our PoC learnings, and transferring that knowledge to make planning, procurement, engineering, operations and support as simple as possible. As one of the top tier IT infrastructure providers in the world, we have best-in-class platforms for Cloud which we can leverage for this space. Additionally we have made significant investments in Openstack via our Helion stack which is now being enhanced for Carrier Grade. Our leadership in Cloud has brought to bear a powerful Orchestration engine specifically for NFV in the form of our NFV Director offer. Wrap this all up with product lifecycle management and worldwide support, and you’ve got a vendor that’s ready to take your NFV solution into a production environment.


Look to HP to provide leadership in providing product that is complete, tested, and pre-integrated at the factory. All this is alleviates a huge burden for early deployments, as we pass along key learnings in the form of proven architectures, and pre-integrated configurations that have been optimized for NFV applications. Our experience in NFV has been captured in our HP NFV Systems release which provides carriers the benefit of our leadership and learnings in the NFV space. From PoC involvement, to leadership in ETSI contributions, look to HP for the experience needed for a successful transition to production environments.

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