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NFV: From concept to reality: An OpenNFV Partner Spotlight - Metaswitch


Phase two of the ETSI Network Functions Virtualization initiative is now well underway and the focus of the specifications group is now moving from architectural definition, industry liaisons and proof-of-concepts into early-stage trial deployments. With NFV promoting openness over monolithic, single-vendor stovepipe service implementations, and with historically long hardware platform decision making processes all but out of the equation, Network Operators are getting to work picking best-of-breed NFV infrastructure (NFVI), management and orchestration (MANO) platforms. These are forming the foundation for the virtualized network functions (VNFs) themselves, dynamically stitching together individual network elements to cost-effectively replicate existing services while also delivering a whole new generation of powerful business and consumer communications solutions.


With decoupled and distributed next generation reference architectures and high price sensitivity, voice, video and messaging services are a logical place to start when considering virtualization. However, signaling and media flows must be handled with low processing and throughput delays to ensure customers receive the quality of experience expected from these critical communications services. Easy in static, hardware-centric, legacy environments, but a difficult problem Metaswitch had to solve when it came to virtualizing these functions.


From fixed-line to mobile; VoWiFi to VoLTE, network operators have begun deploying infrastructure, management and operations platforms, such as the HP NFV Director, together with multimedia VNFs from Metaswitch to deliver innovative but ubiquitous unified communications solutions that can compete with – and ultimately defeat – alternative OTT offerings.  This provides the platform for agile DevOps-style service creation, fast fail and rapid ramp-up that will be critical to increasing revenues while remaining a relevant brand in today’s fast-paced communications landscape. To learn more visit





Simon Dredge

Director, Technical Marketing.

Metaswitch Networks



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