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#NFV Innovation through Openness and Partners


I read an article today that stated OTT Video will supplant video rental market share in 2015.  “Subscription streaming is projected to account for 49% of the video rental market in 2015 — up 15% from 34% market share in 2013, according to new data from The Convergence Consulting Group Limited. “  I guess I don’t find that surprising, but just another piece of evidence that CSPs (Communication Service Providers) today are under more pressure than ever before to drive cost out of the networks and offer services to compete with pressure from OTT providers.  We’ve all heard that NFV will be one of the remedies for a network evolution that promises cost reductions, service agility and improved operations.  But how will NFV allow the innovation to come in so that CSPs can compete with OTTs?


In a word, Openness.  Open Standards allow many players to develop product that can interoperate in an overall architecture. This provides the opportunity for innovation to blossom, since many players such as traditional OEMs, start-ups, and specialized niche players can bring their best to the table. Gone will be the days of lengthy delivery cycles, and feature sets that have been paired down on the altar of program complexity, along with the red tape associated with old style monolithic development streams.


Am I seeing evidence of this trend coming into view? Yes. Here at Hewlett Packard, our NFV Foundation Architecture is open... so much so that we names our NFV program “OpenNFV”. Yes we have products to offer in many areas of the NFV architecture, notably the NFVI, OSS and MANO areas, however we work with other vendors in these areas as well to provide a CSP the solution that meets requirements essential to advance their business. One of the testaments to the commitment to openness is our OpenNFV Partner Program. To date we have over 40 partners participating in the program at all levels.  How can this help CSPs innovate? OpenNFV provides the opportunity for our partners to bring innovative solutions to the market and provide them on a proven architectural framework from HP. This provides choices and access to innovative technology to the CSP. Coopetition? Perhaps, but the industry demands this level of cooperation to yield the innovation necessary to remain competitive.


One of the fundamental tenants of ETSI’s NFV vision is openness which seeds the environment for solutions to be creatively competitive and drives the network toward access to fresh innovation. I’m seeing this trend in the NFV market, and I believe it will be essential for CSP competiveness.

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