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#NFV, You’ve come a Long Way Baby!


From ETSI having launched the concept of NFV just more than two years ago, the NFV phenomenon has taken off at a breathtaking pace. Here at HP we joined ETSI in October 2013, but now we’ve launched a business unit dedicated to NFV, created an OpenNFV program, have enlisted over 100 partners, and are involved in dozens of POCs.  The fruits of these efforts were showcased last week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where demos showed concrete evidence of the utility of our reference architecture as well as the flexibility of partner’s solutions. The pinnacle of the week was the announcement that Telfonica has selected HP as both a technology partner and Systems Integrator for NFV.


I can’t think of a technology in the Telco arena that has taken off so quickly and has had the validation of both vendors and operators alike. Certainly many of us can remember technologies that faltered and died with a whimper (c.f. AIN), or maybe took years for the market to find a tipping point (c.f. IMS).  NFV impresses me like no other as a movement that has buy in from all angles, and is showing demonstrable progress on all fronts. It will be exciting to check back at the end of the year to see how much further we’ll have come.

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